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2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Are you clueless about what to do for a 2 year old birthday party? You'll find all the ideas you need to have a fun-filled party that any toddler will love. Themes, games, decor, supplies, food choices, and so much more.

2 Year Old Birthday Party Basics

2 year old parties are a little different than older kid parties in the fact that you are dealing with short attention spans. There are a few basic guidelines to help you achieve the perfect party without going absolutely crazy in the process.

  • Keep the guest list to 2 or 3 tots and be sure and request the parents to stay
  • The party should be no longer than 2 hours (an hour is actually plenty long)
  • Games should be simple and everyone should win a prize every time (save yourself from the 2 year old tantrums)
  • Don't serve a lot of sugary treats (unless you enjoy tiny ones swinging from the chandelier)
  • Work around your child's nap time (a cranky toddler is not in the mood to party)
  • And most of all, just have fun

I have a whole page on the what type of food to serve, theme ideas, decorating ideas, cake ideas, invitations, favors and so much more for a toddler birthday. You'll want to visit there first and then you can add the ideas from this page if your child is turning 2.

2 Year Old Birthday Party Decorating Tips

Decorating for 2 year olds is so much fun. You don't have to spend a lot of money to see your little one's eyes light up. Bright colors and his or her favorite character is sure to please any child.

Choose from the great 2 year old party supplies above and then decorate around the theme of the supplies. Pull 3 colors from the supplies and use these colors in everything else. This will help everything to blend well.

Since your tiny tot is turning 2 (that's a tongue twister), add in the number 2 to your decor. Kids love to see numbers and letters.

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