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Fun After Prom Party Games And Activities

After Prom party games and activities should be fun and safe. There are plenty of ideas besides doing things that will endanger yours or your teens life.

Many parents, organizations, and teens are sick of the peer pressure that goes on after Prom and are offering other ways for the young people to enjoy the night.

Having After Prom Parties are one way to be involved with what your teen is doing. If you're a teen and you're sick of the stupid things some of your friends do, you've come to the right place for some safe ideas on what games to play after Prom is over.

For more After Prom party ideas you can check out this page. It will go more in depth about decor and food ideas.

Now for some simple and easy after prom party games that are fun!

Sleeping Bag Game

Pick someone to be "it". He or she must leave the room. Now everyone gets out his or her sleeping bag and gets in it all the way. Turn off all the lights. The person who is "it" must come back in the room and guess who everyone is by feeling the outside of the sleeping bag.

Toilet Paper Prom Dress

You'll need to split into teams of about 4 people. Give the teams the same amount of tools to work with. Toilet paper, tissue paper, tape, safety pins, ect. Each team must design their own dress. One of the players needs to be the model that they all work on. Give a time limit and see who can design the best prom dress.

........After Prom Party Games Galore........

Recreate A Game Show

Do you and your friends have a favorite game show? Then recreate it in your home. Set it all up like the original. Have someone play host. Prepare everything before the party so that it is ready to go.

Large Inflatables

Rent a large inflatable or two. Sumo rings are a blast. Moon walks, bouncy houses, ect. These are great fun for anyone, no matter the age.

........After Prom Party Games Galore........

Carnival Games

Have a Carnival set up on your block, back yard, or basement. Fun games like hoop toss, ring the bottle, football toss, coin toss, baseball throw, water pistol shootout, ect. If more teens in your neighborhood are going to Prom, you can rope off a section and have the Carnival set up in the street. Hire clowns and magicians.

Board Games

There are plenty of party board games that will keep everyone in stitches all night long. Scene It, Cranium, Catch Phrase, Taboo, ect.

........After Prom Party Games Galore........

Drive-In Theater

Set up a drive in theater. Serve popcorn, candy, and soft drinks.

Balloon Truth or Dare

Place your truth or dares on small pieces of paper. Put in balloons and blow the balloons up. Each person must take a balloon and pop it. He must then do what the paper says to do.

........After Prom Party Games Galore........

Pass The Top Hat

This being an after Prom party, we'll use a top hat for this silly game. Everyone sits in a circle. The hat must be passed from person to person without anyone using his or her hands. If someone drops the hat, he is out and play continues until you have only one player left. He or she is the winner.

Prom Clothes Relay

You'll need two bags of prom clothes. You can include makeup if your want. You'll need to split up the players into two teams. Start the timer. The first player must put on all the clothes, get her picture taken under a prom arch, and then take off all the clothes and put them all back in the bag. The next player must do the same thing. The first team to complete the activities is the winner.

........After Prom Party Games Galore........

Ping-Pong Tournament

Do you have a ping pong table? Then have a tournament. Keep the scores on the wall.

Name That Tune

Have a collection of favorite songs that your class just loves and see who can guess the most. Play a small amount of the song and let the guessing begin.

After Prom Party Activities Away From Home

Of course you will want to do all these after prom activities in your fancy attire. Makes for some really funny pictures.

  • Bowling
  • Laser Tag
  • Bumper Cars
  • Murder Mystery
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Putt-Putt Golf
  • Roller Skating
  • Midnight Picnic In A Park (will need permission from the city)
  • Hay Ride
  • Movies (rent the whole theater for a midnight movie)
  • Comedy Club (reserve the whole thing and ask that only soft drinks are served)
  • Mini Cruise (rent a charter boat)

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