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Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas~ Complete Ideas From The Butterfly Party Invitations To The Butterfly Party Favors!

How to host the best Butterfly birthday party on the block. Completely free ideas for kid butterfly party decorations, butterfly party favors, butterfly party supplies, butterfly cakes, and more. The butterfly party theme will be a huge hit with any age group!

I have come up with some really unique ideas for this fun butterfly theme. It's geared a little towards kids, but hey, you can use these fabulous ideas for anyone. From 1 to 99.

I do love butterflies. They are so sweet and fluttery. And all the ideas on this page will help you plan the best kid butterfly birthday ever!

Butterfly Birthday Party Invitations

You can order your butterfly invitations on line or use store bought ones for your butterfly party theme. Or if you're up to making your own butterfly invitations, here's a really cute idea.

butterfly birthday invitations

Supplies Needed for Homemade Butterfly Invitations

  • Pink card stock
  • Purple scrapbook paper
  • Green marker
  • Pink marker
  • Black marker
  • Pink craft foam
  • Purple craft foam
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Green and Pink jewels
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Instructions for Making Butterfly Invitation

  1. Fold the pink card stock in half to form a card.
  2. Cut to desired size.
  3. Tear a piece of purple paper and glue to pink card.
  4. Draw the vines and flowers with the markers.
  5. Cut out butterfly shape from purple and pink craft foam (the pink one is smaller than the purple one).
  6. Glue together and glue to the purple paper.
  7. Twist the green pipe cleaner to look like antennae.
  8. Glue onto the butterfly.
  9. Add jewels.

Butterfly Birthday Party Costumes

Butterfly Wings in Assorted Colors (5pc)

Supply everyone with a Butterfly Tiara and wings. Or make butterfly headbands. Use pipe cleaner, headbands, and craft butterflies. Or you can just ask everyone to wear something that has a butterfly on it. A hat, a shirt, a skirt, pants, shoes, sunglasses, ect.

Butterfly Birthday Party Decorations And Centerpieces

Butterfly party decorations start with your party supplies. Pick your favorite Butterfly party supplies and start with that. Of course you will want to add to it to create the most fabulous party of the year, but they are a must to start with.

You will want to create a garden feel for this butterfly party theme. Rent or borrow trees and plants to create this feeling or do this theme outside in your yard.

Start with the entrance of the party. Make butterflies out of thick poster board and glue onto garden stakes. Line the sidewalk with them. Tie balloons onto the mailbox. This will alert the guests as to where the party is.

Not only can you use Butterfly Wings in Assorted Colors for the kids to wear, you can use them as part of the butterfly party decor. Hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire. Secure them in plants and trees with wire. Set them on tables. Hang them from the chandelier. Tie a bow on the backs of chairs with tulle and add a butterfly to that.

You can also use butterfly catchers as part of the decor. Hang them or prop them against things.

Butterfly centerpieces are a piece of cake when you start with the Mod Butterfly Mylar Balloon . Add other colored latex balloons and tie to a plant or set in a butterfly gift bag. Simple and easy! You can also use flowers and add little butterflies to them.

Another butterfly centerpiece idea is garden cookie bouquets. Purchase flower pots. Paint to match your color scheme. Add florist foam in the pot. Bake cookies in the shape of flowers and butterflies. When they are still warm, add a long lollipop stick. Frost the cookies and arrange in the pretty pot. Use green gift basket shred to hide the florist foam.

Purchase a 3 or 4 foot roll of white paper. Paint free hand, use stickers, or use stencils to create a one of a kind garden scene. Paint a white picket fence first. Then add flowers, grass, and butterflies. Secure the paper on the wall all around the party area. Set real or fake trees and plants in front of it. Add garden fountains and garden statues to complete the look.

Butterfly Birthday Party Games

Butterfly Pinata

Pinatas are so fun and they can also be part of the birthday party decorations.

Butterfly Tic-Tac-Toe

Make a large board with a tic-tac-toe grid on it. Let the kids toss Butterfly Bean Bags onto the grid. The player who gets 3 in a row wins!

Butterfly Musical Flowers

Make large flowers out of poster board. Place them on chairs or on the ground. Supply one less than the number of players. Start some lively butterfly music and tell the "butterflies" to flutter around to each flower. Stop the music. The "butterfly" that doesn't have a flower to stand on is out. Give each player a small gift as they get out, this softens the blow.

Pin The Butterfly On The Flower

Draw a large flower on a piece of paper or poster board. Draw an outline of a butterfly on the flower's petal. Supply each player with a butterfly sticker. Blind fold the first player and twirl her around. Guide the player in the direction of the flower. The player must stick her butterfly on the flower. The player who is the closest to the outline, wins.

Butterfly Hunt

Hide Butterfly Bean Bags around the house or yard. Give each player a butterfly net. See who can find the most butterflies.

Butterfly Pencil Craft

A very simple homemade butterfly party craft. And yet it's so cute.

Butterfly Birthday Party Cakes

Butterfly party cakes can be make several ways. You can carve a butterfly shape out of a sheet cake and frost it in pretty pastel colors. Or you can make these fun butterfly cupcakes.

butterfly cupcake

Specialty cake pans make the cake baking a breeze. You just mix any butterfly cake recipe you choose and ice. It's actually pretty easy.

Butterfly Cake Pan

Butterfly Birthday Party Food And Drinks

Serve the drinks in butterfly cups and add a colorful straw. Make butterflies to go on the straw. Cut out butterfly shapes from craft foam. Cut two slits in the butterfly and slide onto the straw.

  • Butterfly shaped sandwiches
  • Butterfly shaped cookies
  • Flower shaped suckers
  • Butterfly shaped jigglers
  • Butterfly graham crackers
  • Fruit kabobs (cut the fruit into flower shapes
  • Garden nectar juice (any juice mixed with sparkling water)

Butterfly Birthday Party Favors

Butterfly Garden Gift Baskets with Wildflower Seed Packets, Set of 12

From: Designed 2B Sweet

Butterfly party favor can be anything to do with butterflies. Purchase pretty pastel colored gift bags. Add a few fun butterfly treats. Fold the top of the bag down twice and secure with a butterfly sticker. You can personalize the front of the bag with letter stickers or markers.

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