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Elegant Cameo Card

cameo card

This elegant Cameo Card is so simple and easy and yet looks great. You could use this card for any occasion.

Just add your own special verse inside. Birthdays, anniversaries, tea parties, invitations, thank you notes, and more.

It would be great for someone who loves antiques. It has a certain vintage feel.

You could antique it even more by rubbing on a small amount of brown paint.

Supplies Needed for Card

  • Taupe or light brown cardstock 12x12
  • Cameo cut out of magazine (or a sticker)
  • Brown paper
  • Taupe and blue fringe trim
  • Taupe and blue soft yard
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • White glue stick
  • Wavy scissors
  • Regular scissors

Instructions for Making Card

  • Fold your cardstock in half.
  • Cut in half to make a 6 inch card.
  • Glue on fringe with hot glue
  • Cut out an oval from brown paper using wavy scissors
  • Glue onto card with white glue stick
  • Cut out cameo (I found this one in a Victorian catalog)
  • Glue to the middle of card with white glue stick
  • Place yarn in side of card and tie on outside
  • Write your Birthday verse inside.
  • Make a homemade envelope.
  • Embellish envelope with stickers.
  • Feel elegant and so chic!

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