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Candle Centerpiece Ideas

You'll find plenty of candle centerpiece ideas right here. Save money and learn how to make a table centerpiece for yourself. Creating centerpieces is so simple and easy with these candle centerpiece ideas for tables.

candle centerpiece ideas

The first thing you need to do when thinking of a candle centerpiece, is to decide what kind of candles you want to use. Floating candles, votive candles, pillar candles, taper candles, or tea lights.

Then you need to think about what container you want to put your candles in. This will all depend on what type of candles you use.

Next comes filler. Things like sand, rocks, faux jewels, marbles, ect.

Now all you have to do is put all these elements together. To help you jump start your imagination, I have a ton of ideas below for you to look through. Mix and match any of the ideas to come up with your own unique and creative centerpiece.

1. Candle Trio

Place three candles of different heights on a square plate. Scatter smooth rocks around the candles.

2. Mirror and Candles

Using mirrors is a very popular centerpiece idea. Place a square mirror in the middle of the table. Set one or three candles on the mirror. You can add pretty faux jewels for a sparkle effect. If you want a little more romantic feel, use framed mirrors. Just lay them on the table and add the candles. Scatter the faux jewels and fresh rose petals and you have an elegant, yet simple centerpiece.

3. Bowl and Candles

Fill a pretty bowl with water. You can color the water with food coloring if you wish. Place floating candles on top of the water.

4. Candelabras

For taper candles, you simply place them in a gorgeous candelabra. Accent with flowers and ribbon for a romantic feel. Keep it simple for a modern look. Your candelabras do not have to be the same. Just as long as they are the same color, it will look great.

5. Sand and Candle

This is a simple and easy candle centerpiece idea. Pour sand in a wide mouth vase. Add a pillar candle in the middle. If it's for a Beach themed party or event, you can place little sea shells in the sand.

6. Tall Cylinder Vases

A very popular centerpiece is the tall cylinder vase. Fill the vase half way with fresh flowers, a single flower, lemons, limes, apples, marbles, rocks, or faux jewels. Add water to the top of the vase and add a floating candle on top.

7. Tea Lights

Tea lights are a great way to bring ambience to any event. Place them in tea cups, small candle holders, ect.

8. Candle Wreaths

Candle wreaths are just a flower arrangement with a hole in the middle. You place it down over your candle to give the candle more presence.

9. Fruit Holders

Use fruit or veggies to hold your candles. Carve out a hole in the top of squash, pumpkins, watermelons, oranges, apples, ect. Place your candle in the hole. You can also layer fruit around a pillar candle.

10. Sweet Idea

Fill pretty glass jars with candy. Place a candle down in the middle of the candy.

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