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Candyland Party Ideas

Candy Land Mylar Balloon

These fun Candyland party ideas are great for the super sweet Candyland Birthday Party Theme. What a great party theme for any child under the age of 5.

But don't feel like you can't use some of these awesome ideas for a Candy Birthday Party for any age.

It also lends itself well to Christmas church banquets or school banquets. With all the darling supplies for this candy party theme, your party is sure to be a hit at any age.

Candyland Party Ideas For Invitations

You can use the adorable Candy Land Invitations , or make your own. Here are a few ideas for homemade candy invitations...

Sucker Invitation

Take a piece of 9x11 white card stock for the base of your Candyland invitation. Fold in half for a large invite or fold in half and then cut in half for small invites. Cut a frame out of polka dot scrapbook paper and glue onto the front of the card. Hot glue a flat sucker in the middle of the frame. Tie a small ribbon around the stick part of the sucker. Add a touch of glue to the ribbon to keep it on the sucker. Write all the candy birthday party wording inside the card.

Candyland Invitation

Recreate Candyland on a card. Find images online and print out. Glue to the front of the invitation.

Candy Jar Invites

Fill a small jar with various different candies. Cut out a piece of scrapbook paper to go around the jar. Write or print all of your Candyland party info on it. Paint the lid a bright color. Secure the label to the jar with tape or glue. You can embellish the label with candy stickers as well. Hand these invitations out personally.

Candyland Party Ideas For Costumes

I wouldn't worry about having costumes for every guest. Instead, have some helpers dress up like the characters in the game...

  • King Kandy
  • Princess Lolly
  • Gramma Nutt
  • Gloppy
  • Princess Frostine
  • Lord Licorice
  • Mr. Mint

If you want everyone to be involved with the candy theme, you could make candy crowns and let the kids wear them. Just remember that you don't want kids under 3 to have access to hard candies.

Candyland Party Ideas For Decorations

Banner - Candy Land

Start off your Candyland decor with Candy Cane Lighted Stakes and large suckers lining the sidewalk. You can make the suckers really easy. Purchase Styrofoam discs and put a dowel rod in the bottom. Cover with colorful tissue or cellophane and tie with a ribbon. Tie balloons onto the mailbox to let your guests know where the Candyland party is. Your colors for this party are going to be all colors! This Candy party is an explosion of color. You can not go over the top with this kid candy party theme.

Create a rainbow arch over the doorway for the guests to walk through.

The decorations for this Candyland party theme can be done in several different ways. You can just create a fun party atmosphere with candy decor, or you can actually set up the game with the path and all the areas with an activity at each area. It just all depends on your budget and your creativity.

If you are doing this theme for a church or school banquet, you can set up each table as a different area of Candyland. Like one table can be Gloppy and make it all about chocolate. Or Gramma Nutt's table could be all about nuts. You get the point.

You can also just set up different things on your main table to represent the different Candyland areas. How far you go is up to you and your energy. I'll give you some simple ideas for the Candyland theme and you can take it further if you wish.

Use a projector and make large cardboard characters. Place a character at each station or table.

Peppermint Forest

Set up one large fake Christmas tree and two smaller ones. Scatter fake snow all around them. Hang candycane garland, candycane ornaments, and real candycanes from the tree branches. Scatter Candy Canes Confetti in the fake snow at the base of the trees. Have Mr. Mint standing in the trees. Or you can have a real Mr. Mint handing out peppermint candies.

Gumdrop Pass

Make gumdrops out of thick poster board if you just want a one-dimensional gumdrop. Or spray paint Squatty Cups ( the cups that magicians use) with glitter spray paint. You can also have glittery balloons with a bag of gumdrops holding the balloons down. Make a Jolly character (instructions above). Place your Jolly that you have made in the middle of your gumdrop set.

Peanut Acres

Place Gramma Nutt amongst a bunch of peanuts that you have made out of card board.

Licorice Forest

Place Lord Licorice in front of a black tree (you can find them at Halloween). Hang licorice from the tree branches.

Lollipop Woods

Make lollipops out of Styrofoam balls, dowel rods, colored cellophane and ribbon. Push the ball onto the dowel rod. Cover with the cellophane and tie with the ribbon. Princess Lolly goes here.

Snowflake Lake

This is where Princess Frostine is. Lay a blue tablecloth on the floor and lay fake snow around it. Hang snowflakes from the ceiling.

Chocolate Swamp

Place a brown tablecloth on a round table. Set a chocolate fountain on the table. Have cut up food to dip in the chocolate. Place a large Gloppy behind the fountain.


Make a castle for King Kandy out of large boxes.

Simple Candy Party Decorations

If you want to just do a candy themed table, start with a Candy Cane Foil Centerpiece and fill large glass jars and vases with all kinds of candy. Place large spiral suckers sticking out of some of the jars and vases. Sprinkle candy or candycane confetti on the table.

Make large candies for the tables out of Styrofoam balls and cellophane. Wrap large colorful lanterns in cellophane and hang from the ceiling or trees.

Use the Candy Land Party Supplies for your plates and cups. It also comes with invites, favors, centerpieces, napkins, balloons, and more to help you create a fabulous Candyland party without all the fuss and worry. Set a Little Debbie snowflake wrapped in clear cellophane on each plate.

Candy Land Deluxe Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Gingerbread houses make good centerpieces for this candy party as well. Candyland party ideas are so huge that you will have to decide on a direction and go with it.

Candyland Party Ideas For Games

Candy Land Castle Game

Make a large Candyland in your house or in the back yard. Use the cards of the real game to move the kids from spot to spot. You can create the squares out of paper in the house, but if this game is played outside, you can paint a large canvas to look like the game board.

Candyland Party Ideas For Cakes

Create a Candyland cake with a white sheet cake and candies. Make the path with unwrapped Starbursts. Make all the different areas with candy and icing. You can use the actual game pieces for the gingerbread men.

Or make a rainbow cake. Make a two layer white round cake. Use Skittles to make a rainbow across the cake.

For more Candyland party ideas for cakes, you can bake a round cake. Cut ice cream cones in half and place around the cake. Use white fluffy icing and create the "ice cream" in the cones. Border the top edge of the cake with gumdrops or gumballs. Place lollipops out of the top of the cake. Set on a pedestal cake plate on a white lace doily. Place candies around the bottom of the cake.

Bake cake in ice cream cones and frost with fluffy white icing. You can usually find the instructions on the back of the ice cream cone box.

Cupcakes would be a great choice for this Candy Land Party theme. Decorate with various candies.

candy land cake
Check out this fabulous and fun Candy Land Cake.

Candyland Party Ideas For Food and Drinks

Of course you will have a lot of candy at this Candyland party, but you will also need some real food to fill little bellies. Some great Candyland party ideas for food are...

  • Ice cream sundae bar
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Sandwiches cut in gingerbread men shapes
  • Rainbow goldfish
  • Snowflake cookies
  • Peppermint sticks in hot cocoa
  • Broccoli florets with peppermints scattered around in them (Peppermint Forest). Swirl red food coloring in ranch dip to look like a peppermint.
  • Rainbow Pringles
  • Rainbow punch (see below for recipe)
  • Life saver pizza (cut out a circle in the middle of your pizza dough)
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in peanut shapes
  • Rainbow Jello cups

Rainbow Punch Recipe

1 can Hawaiian Punch
2 qts. cran-raspberry juice
1/2 liter of 7-UP or Sprite

Stir first two ingredients together. Put in a punch bowl. Slowly pour in the 7-up or Sprite. Add balls of rainbow sherbert in the punch and serve.

Candyland Party Ideas For Favors

Favors can be anything to do with candy...

  • Any kind of candy
  • Mini Candy Gumball Machines
  • Candyland coloring books
  • Candy-Filled Star Wand (8)
  • Candy necklace
  • Ring Pop
  • Book about candy
  • Candy theme pillow
  • Candy plush toy
  • Candy keyring
  • Ice cream cone bubbles
  • Tootsie Roll banks
  • Whistle pops
  • Candyland puzzles
  • And of course...the Candyland game!

You can place the favors in colorful little gift bags and tie ribbons onto the handles. Or use the bags with no handles and fold down twice, and punch two holes in the fold and thread a ribbon trough the holes. Tie in a knot.

Candy Land Favor Box

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