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Decorating Church Banquet Tables

Decorating Church Banquet Tables~


What ideas do you have for decorating 40, 60 inch round tables for a church function, we are having a banquet for some low income families in our community, the menu is steak, bake potatoes, green beans and dessert. Hoping to have around 200 people. Don't have much money for expense.It will be in a gym.


I have decorated for many church banquets and it always seems as if you are on a budget. And that's ok. You can do a lot of things on a very low budget.

Here are some really cheap (some of them free) church banquet centerpiece ideas...

Place different sizes of glass bottles on the table with a single flower in each one. You don't have to go buy flowers. Just look outside for some interesting greenery and use that. You can color the water with food coloring.

Use aluminum cans for vases. The large ones would work, or use several of the small ones. Peel the paper off of the can. You can leave as is, or decorate it with paper, lace, or ribbon. Place your flowers (or greenery from outside) in your cans for a great look.

If you have a dollar store near, you can look for vases, candles, and greenery there. Sometimes you can find some really great deals there.

Potted plants are a great church banquet centerpiece idea as well. You could have each lady bring one and set them on the tables. After the event, you could give them as prizes or let the family that purchased it take it home. Terracotta pots are not that expensive so you could re-pot all the plants into a terracotta pot to make them look all the same.

Candles are always a great centerpiece idea. You can purchase candles at the dollar store and place them on a plate or platter. Scatter some pretty faux stones or fake rose petals. These can both be found at the dollar store or any department store.

Mason jars are really popular right now for centerpieces. You can put candles or flowers in them and they look so great.

I hope this helps with your decorating church banquet tables.

Good luck,

The Decorating Diva

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