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Decorating Ideas For A Luncheon

Decorating Ideas For A Luncheon~


How to decorate for a soup and sandwich luncheon for a crowd?


Decide on a color scheme or a theme first of all.

If you are renting a room, you might remember the color of the room, chairs, and table linens and coordinate around them.

It sounds as it your event is going to be a casual affair, so keep all your decor casual. Some great ideas for centerpieces are...

~Mason jars can usually be found at garage sales and thrift stores for hardly any money at all. You can use them as vases for wild flowers or place candles in them. Add a ribbon around the top for added sweetness.

~Potted plants or herbs make a table look extra fresh.

~Mix fruit and flowers for a casual, yet elegant table arrangement. You could combine green apples with red tulips, or yellow daisies with purple plums.

~If you're on a budget, you can use things from nature. Pine cones, twigs, sea shells, or wild flowers.

~Candles are a great centerpiece idea. Place in a variety of containers for very different looks.

~Or use soup cans in different ways. Remove the labels and embellish in any way you want to match your color scheme. Ribbon can be tied around them and fresh wild flowers placed in them for a very fun and fresh centerpiece idea.

I hope your luncheon is a success!

The Decorating Diva

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