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Party Decorating With Flowers ~ Flower Centerpiece Ideas

gerber daisy centerpieces Decorating with flowers is easy and makes such a beautiful statement. You can use silk flowers or fresh. The best place to use flowers in your party decorating is creative centerpieces.

Silk flowers have got a bad rap through the years. But I must say, I really enjoy using them in decorating and they make for really stunning centerpieces.

Do it yourself centerpieces are not hard when you use flowers. Every one loves flowers, so you really can't go wrong when decorating with flowers at a party or event. And if you need an inexpensive centerpiece idea, go with silk flowers.

I use them in my home, weddings, baby showers, and all the parties I decorate for. I even have a pink rose in my green Volkswagon Bug! So go ahead and use silk flowers.

Any party theme will benefit from flowers or greenery. Even parties for boys. You might not want roses, but you could have fresh grass, ivy, ect.

Flowers create instant WOW. And if they're fresh flowers, they make the party area smell so nice.

Be careful though, some flowers smell stronger than others. You don't want to drive everyone away. You just want a subtle touch.

Basic Rules For Decorating With Flowers

  • Pick coordinating colors
  • Use an odd number of flowers
  • Keep with the party theme and colors
  • Remove leaves below water level(fresh flowers)
  • Cut ends of flowers in a slant(fresh flowers)
  • Cut stems under water(fresh flowers)
  • Think beyond the usual vase for a container

But the best rule of all is, ignore all the rules and go with your gut. Have fun with it. This is a party! A time to relax and enjoy yourself.

It doesn't have to be elaborate. A single rose in a vase is sweet and can set a mood.

Flower Centerpiece Ideas~Unique Containers

Vase Centerpieces

Round, square, tall, short... There is an endless list. This is the most popular choice for your party centerpieces.

Coffee Mug Centerpieces

Place a single flower or a small flower arrangement in a coffee mug that matches your unique party theme.

Teapot Centerpieces

This is a cute look for a Garden Party centerpiece or a Vintage Tea Party centerpiece.

Teacup Centerpieces

Really cute idea for a single flower or a very small flower centerpiece arrangement.

Bottle Centerpieces

There are so many choices of bottles. You can use any kind of bottle. Just add a pretty ribbon and you've got a great party centerpiece. You can also give them away as party favors.

Basket Centerpieces

Line the basket with a plastic liner if using fresh flowers. This makes a perfect Fall centerpiece. Fill with sunflowers for a country feel or with roses for a Vintage centerpiece idea.

Old Purse Centerpieces

Put flowers in a jar or vase (if using fresh) and set down in an antique purse. Use Victorian purses for great Victorian centerpieces.

Boot Centerpieces

If using fresh flowers, then put the party flowers in a vase or jar before putting them in the boot. If you are using silk flowers, you can just stick them in or place a piece of florist foam in the boot to hold the flowers.

Watering Can Centerpieces

Make sure your watering can is water tight. You don't want it to leak on your table. If it's not, just use a vase or jar inside.

Bowl Centerpieces

Fill the bowl with fresh water and float flowers on top.

Fish Bowl Centerpieces

Fill with pretty marbles or round glass pieces. Place colorful fish in the bowls for a unique centerpiece idea. You can give them away as door prizes as well.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

This is a really easy and fun look. Tie a red and white ribbon and use sunflowers for a great Western Party centerpiece idea.

Purchase florist foam, rocks, or marbles and place in your container to anchor your flowers.

Remember to have fun. I know you'll do a fabulous job. If in doubt, go simple. Your guests will think you're being so Chic!

Other Ways to Add Flowers To Your Party Area

  • Flower swags over doorways
  • Along mantles and side tables
  • On top of pillars
  • Flower posy on the back of the chairs
  • Large free standing urns or vases
  • Flower petals scattered on tabletops
  • Hanging flower balls
  • Large topiary arrangements
  • Creative Centerpiece Ideas For Tables

    orange tulips in rain boots
    Orange Tulips in Yellow Rain Boots

    roses in a teacup
    Centerpiece or Party Favor for Tea Party

    dried rose bouquet
    Dried Rose Bouquet

    bunny centerpiece
    Bunny Centerpiece

    flowers in a pink purse
    Unique Flower Arrangement

    roses in a teapot
    Fresh Roses in a China Teapot Centerpiece

    roses in a vintage purse
    Creative Flower Ideas For Centerpieces

    fairy centerpiece
    Traditional Party Centerpieces and Flowers

    basket with purple flowers
    Simple and Easy Centerpiece Ideas

    sunflower centerpiece
    Country Sunflower Centerpieces

    apple and bird centerpiece
    Apple and Bird Centerpiece

    fall thanksgiving centerpiece
    Fall Centerpieces

    fall thanksgiving centerpiece
    Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

    fall thanksgiving rose wreath
    Fall Thanksgiving Rose Wreath

    police centerpiece
    Police Centerpiece

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