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Diva Party Ideas

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Here are some darling Diva Party ideas. It's all about the glitz and the glamour girlfriend. A Diva birthday party is all the rage.

This girl birthday party is a huge hit with girls of all ages.

You'll find all the ideas you need to throw a stunning Diva Birthday that all the girls (young and old) will be talking about for years.

If your little one is turning one, check out the 1st Birthday Diva Party page for more baby friendly ideas.

Diva Birthday Party Invitations

Print a picture of a microphone off your computer. Glue on the front of a card. Embellish with stars, glitter, and jewels.

Or you could send out fake microphones with a tag attached. It could say something like this...

"The one and only (your child's name)is throwing a darling bash. Come as you are.
The dresses, hats, boas, purses, and shoes will be provided.
Glamour is in the air!"

Here's another Diva invitation idea. Take a picture of your daughter in her favorite Diva outfit, and glue on a card. Embellish with stars, glitter, and jewels.

Or make this adorable homemade Diva invitation.

homemade diva birthday invitation

Fold a piece of hot pink paper in half. From the folded side, cut in a curve to the other side. Do the same on the other side.

Now cut a piece out of animal print paper that fits the top of the paper. Glue it on the back and fold it over to look like the flap on a purse.

You can glue a piece of Velcro or a snap to hold the flap down. Cut out a handle and glue onto your purse. Place stickers on the front that say DIVA.

Write all of your party info inside the card.

Diva Party Costumes

Purchase dresses, hats, purses, boas, jewelry, and shoes at thrift stores. The boas can be found at craft stores. You can decorate the shoes with flowers, glitter, or beads.

Have the dresses hanging up. Let the girls pick what they want to wear. Let them be as creative and crazy as they want. It's all about them at this Diva Party!

Treat the girls like true Divas with a makeup and hairdo station. You can hire a few teenage girls to help at this Diva party if your girls are younger. If you are doing this party for teens, then ask some of the Moms to help out.

The more sparkle the better. Fun fingernail stickers are a great way to add a little glamour.

Have dressing screens set up with stars on the front of them. Place a full length mirror where the girls can admire themselves.

Girls absolutely love to be pampered, so go all out! This part of the Diva party should last quite a long time. You don't want to rush the dress up stage.

When every girl is dressed to the hilt and feels like a Queen, then you can move on to the next thing.

6 Assorted Sequin Newsboy Hat Diva Hats

Glass Revolving Disco light Diva Ball

12 Small Assorted Sequin Diva Purses (6.5 in)

Diva Birthday Party Decorations and Centerpieces

Tie balloons onto the mailbox. This let's everyone know where the party is.

Cut out stars from thick poster board. Spray paint silver and put glitter on them. Hot glue a garden stake to the back. Place them all along the sidewalk.

You can also scatter hot pink rose petals up the side walk. Or run a red carpet up the stairs. (For a cheap "red carpet" use red plastic tablecloths).

For some added drama, place a garden arch over the sidewalk before you get to the door. First add twinkle lights, then add hot pink rose garlands, then add some pearl garland and hot pink or black boas.

You can place a large star on the door to finish off your outside decor. Now on to the inside...

Ok, this is a Diva Party you know. So don't be afraid to go over the top. Your colors are going to be animal print and hot pink. Add in turquoise and purple for an extra kick. You can either do brown and cream animal print or black and white. I've seen it done both ways and they're both gorgeous.

I'll give instructions for the black and white animal print, but feel free to use any color animal print.

If you use the black and white, use silver accents. If you use the brown and cream, use gold.

A hot pink tablecloth with a black feather boa down the middle will start your Diva party off with a bang.

Fresh hot pink roses in a vase in the center would be a great Diva centerpiece. Or anything that is glittery.

Another great idea for a centerpiece is to decorate a pair of shoes with feathers, paint, glitter, and rhinestones. Place a purse on the middle of the table and set the shiny shoes beside it.

Scatter rose petals, pearls, rhinestones, and stars on table around what ever Diva centerpiece you have chosen.

Wind boas, hot pink rose garlands, and clear beads down and around the chandelier.

Purchase or make black satin slipcovers for the backs of the chairs. Just sew two pieces of fabric together leaving an opening at the bottom. Hem if you want. It will look like a pillow case. You can actually use pillow cases if you don't sew.

Place them on the backs of the chairs. Purchase hot pink, turquois, and purple tulle. Alternate the colors around the table. Take a long length of tulle and tie it around the back of the chair. Tie in a large bow. Add a brooch in the middle of the bow.

You can use silver (or gold) charger plates and Black Plates . Champagne glasses add a bit of glamour. You can purchase plastic ones if you don't want to use glass. Glue jewels on the fork handles. Use animal print napkins. You can place the napkins in large faux diamond rings. So cute!

Set up a stage area. Have animal print curtains with big hot pink bows on either side. Hang a large silver star in the middle of the curtain.

Diva Party Games and Activities

PiƱata - Purse

This adorable Diva pink purse pinata will be the life of the party. Fill with candy or small toys. Pinatas are always a crowd pleaser.

Boa Limbo

Play limbo with a boa. Have lively music playing. This is quite hilarious as the girls are all in high heels and long gowns.


Have plenty of time for the girls to sing on the stage that you have set up. Rent or buy a karaoke machine.

All Dressed Up Jewelry Stand Activity (8)

Girls love to make things. A kit makes it so much easier on you. What a wonderful gift for the girls to take home.

Fashion Show

No Diva Party would be complete without a fashion show. Turn on the music and have someone MC. Let the girls strut their stuff. Take pictures and print off for the girls to take home.

You can alway send someone out to print them real fast, or send them to the girls at a later date.

Purse Bank Activity (8)

Crafts are a great way to entertain the girls. Every one loves to take something home from the party that they made. This activity is perfect for any little girl party.

Diva Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Make a microphone, star, shoe, or purse cake. It's not as hard as you think. Just make a large sheet cake and carve out whatever shape you need. Frost with icing and you have created a masterpiece.

Cupcakes would be great for this Diva theme. Place them in a wire cupcake holder. Do hot pink cupcakes with purse and shoe cupcake picks. Make your own cupcake picks with scrapbook paper, stickers, and toothpicks.

Wire Cupcake Holder Stand
Fancy Wire Cupcake Stand

Cut out a circle from scrapbook paper or construction paper. Stick a purse or shoe sticker on the circle. Hot glue onto a toothpick and you're done.

Diva Party Food and Drinks

  • Strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches cut into star shapes
  • Fruit kabobs (can cut fruit into star shapes)
  • Star Jello jigglers
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Chocolate dipped marshmallows
  • Star cookies
  • Veggie tray
  • Pink lemonade. Make fresh squeezed lemonade and put in blender with a few strawberries. Serve in bejeweled glasses. Place a strawberry on the edge of the glass.
  • Diva Fizzle. Just combine fruit juice and sparkling water.
  • Pink punch (recipe below)

Pink Punch Recipe

2 unsweetened pink lemonade Kool Aid pkgs.
2 c. sugar
1 (6 oz.) frozen pink lemonade
3 c. pineapple juice
1/2 c. maraschino cherry syrup
2 1/2 qt. (10 c.) water
1/2 of 2-liter Sprite
Mix everything but the Sprite. Place in punch bowl and add Sprite slowly.

Lay a pink or purple boa loosely around the punch bowl. Scatter rose petals and rhinestones around the punch bowl as well. You can also freeze raspberries or strawberries and place in the pink Diva punch.

Diva Birthday Party Homemade Favor Ideas

Purchase cute little faux fur or satin dress up purses. You can also buy vintage purses at thrift stores.

Fill purses with diva party must-haves...

  • Lip gloss
  • Nail polish
  • Makeup
  • Diamond bling key chain
  • Diva stickers
  • Jewelry
  • Hair clips
  • An echo microphone
  • The picture you took earlier in the party
  • A thank you note

Safari Print Diva Rock Star Handbag Purses

Diva Microphone Lip Gloss Favors

Glamorous Makeup Kit - Leopard Print Case

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