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Hip-Hopping Frog Birthday Party

You will not need to hop anywhere else for the most fabulous and fun Frog Birthday Party ideas. Super easy to do and lots of money saving tips for a blow out frog party.

Parties should be fun and stress-free. They should be a delightful memory for the guest of honor, so take all these frog ideas and let the good times roll!

Frog Birthday Party Invitations

froggy invitation

Here's a fabulous frog invitation for you to make.

Supplies Needed for Homemade Frog Birthday Party Invitation

  • Yellow card stock paper
  • Green card stock paper
  • Green ribbon
  • Green sticker letters
  • Frog sticker
  • Wavy scissors
  • Regular scissors
  • White glue stick
  • Hole punch

Instructions for Making Frog Birthday Party Invitation

  1. Cut the yellow card stock with the wavy scissors.
  2. Make it as long as you desire.
  3. Cut the green paper a little smaller.
  4. Punch 2 holes at the top.
  5. Thread ribbon through the holes.
  6. Tie in a bow.
  7. Cut the ends of the ribbon in a slant.
  8. Place the frog sticker in the right hand corner.
  9. Write or print all your party info on the card.

You could write...

Hop on over to (your child's name)'s lily pad.
Well be having a TOADily hip-hopping fun time.

You could also cut out a frog from scrapbook paper. Add a red tongue and wiggly eyes.

Another great frog birthday party invitation idea is to dress your little one like a frog and set him or her beside a pond. Take a picture and print them out. Make a picture frame around it with green paper and glue to the front of your plain invite.

Of course you can also send or hand out toy frogs with a tag on their legs that have all the party info on them. A small bug box with green paper grass is a great way to present them. Just put the frog in the box, add a few plastic flies, and add a ribbon on the top.

Frog Birthday Party Costumes

Frog Costumes are a fun way to bring in that froggy feel. You could also ask the kids to come dressed all in green. Give prizes for the best froggy outfit.

Frog Birthday Party Decorations and Centerpiece Ideas

Place balloons on the mailbox to alert your guests as to where the party is. Make frogs out of thick poster boards. Hot glue a garden stake on the back and stick in front yard. Create other party signs that say...Hoppy Birthday...Frog Crossing...Hip-Hopping Party Time.

Make a frog birthday party balloon bouquet with one yellow balloon, one green balloon, and one orange balloon. Tie onto a stuffed frog and set in the middle of the table for your centerpiece. Put green and yellow streamers back to back and twist lightly. Hang over your party area. You can tie balloons on the back of each chair, or just the guest of honor's chair.

You can make your party feel like a pond with blue balloons on the floor. Have some lily pads (cut out of poster board) and logs (real or poster board) scattered around for the frogs to rest on. You can also create a swamp feel for this frog party with cattails and tall plants.

Place Mini Frog Bean Bag Toys here and there for fun.

If you are artistic, you can draw a frog face on green balloons with a black permanent marker. Look at books or coloring pages for inspiration.

If the frog birthday party is outside, you can make a pond with a small swimming pool and plants. Place some rocks in the bottom of the pool. Float lily pads on top of the water. I only recommend this for older children. You don't want a baby falling in the water.

You can make placemats out of green poster board. Cut out like a lily pad and laminate with contact paper. You can personalize them and the kids can take them home as a favor. You could also make this a craft project. Let the kids decorate them and then place them in between two piece of clear contact paper.

Galvanized buckets are fun to decorate with. You can put candy or food in them as well. Tie green curly ribbon on the handle for color.

Frog Birthday Party Supplies

Frog Birthday Party Games and Activities

Sometimes it's easier to use a Craft Kit, then to try to gather all of the supplies for each craft.

Frog Prince Craft Kit

This fun foam craft kit makes an adorable decorated frog prince! Comes with foam parts, eyes, and decorations to decorate the frog with!

Leap Frog

This party game is an old classic. It's a relay race with the kids hopping over each other leap frog style. This is a good game for outside.

Frog Hunt

Hide Frog Bean Bag Toys around the yard or party area. Give the kids buckets and let them hunt for frogs. You could also supply dip nets and have the frogs in a swimming pool. Let the players dip plastic frogs out of the "pond".

Make Frog Mask

You'll need plain white paper plates painted green, string, hole punch, scissors, paint or markers, and a lot of creativity. Print out a picture of a cartoon frog and place on table for the kids to look at. Have them paint a frog face on the plate. Cut out the holes for the eyes. Punch two holes on each side and tie on string or yarn. These make great masks. Get all the "frogs" together for a fabulous picture.

Musical Lily Pads

Place lily pads (green poster board cut out like lily pads) on the floor in a circle. You'll want one less lily pad than players. Play the music and let them hop around the circle. When the music stops, the players must find a lily pad to stand on. The player that can't find one is out. Take away one lily pad and start the music again. Play continues until there is only one player left. The last player left is the winner.

Tadpole, Tadpole, Frog

Play just like you would Duck, Duck, Goose. The players all sit in a circle. One player is "it". He must go around the circle lightly tapping each player's head and saying tadpole, tadpole, tadpole. He can go for as long as he wishes. When he decides, he says FROG. The player that is "it" runs around the circle while the other player chases him. If the first player makes it to the empty spot in the circle without getting tagged, the other player is now "it".

Drop The Fly Into The Frog's Mouth

Place a frog face with an open mouth over a bucket. Paint clothes pins black to look like flies. Hot glue little wings on the back of the clothes pin. Add wiggly eyes. The player must stand over the bucket and see how many "flies" he can get in the "frog's" mouth.

Frog Croaking Contest

See who can croak the loudest, most realistic, silliest, ect. Give out special ribbons for the best of everything.

Frog Jump

See who can leap the farthest. This is great fun and will keep the kids entertained for quite awhile. They will want to keep doing it to get a better score. Have certificates made out to make it look official.

Frog Slop Grab

Use a large bucket or a small wadding pool. Fill with mud or sand. Place plastic frogs in the muck. Put large trash bags over the kid's clothes. Just tear a hole for their heads and their arms. This keeps them relatively clean. You could also supply rubber gloves. See how many frogs each player can find with in a certain time limit. You'll probably want some water near by to clean the kids up.

Frog Race

If you live in the country and have access to real frogs then you can have a frog race. Catch some frogs before the party. Have a starting line and a finish line. Give a frog to each kid. Each player must sit his frog on the starting line and let go. See which frog makes it to the end. Let the frogs go at the end of the party.

Frog Birthday Party Cake

froggy frog birthday cake

This frog birthday party cake is so easy to make and it is adorable. Just click on the photo to go to the full instructions.

Frog Birthday Party Food and Drinks

Here are a few "green" frog party suggestions...

  • Sandwiches with green tinted chicken salad
  • Sandwiches with green tinted cream cheese and kiwi slices
  • Celery with peanut butter and raisins (flies on a log)
  • Frog cupcakes
  • Frog shaped cookies
  • Veggie tray with green ranch dip
  • Green fruit kabobs (kiwi, green grapes, melon)
  • Green M and M's
  • Green chocolate covered pretzels (tint white dipping chocolate green)
  • Fly ice cream (mint chocolate chip)
  • Frog Pond Punch (recipe below)
  • Swamp water (any green Kool-Aid, green grape juice, ect.)
  • Green Popsicles
  • Green jello with flies (raisins) in it

My Favorite Chicken Salad Recipe

1/2 c.finely chopped cooked chicken
3 to 4 green onions,sliced
1 stalk of celery sliced very fine
2 boiled eggs, chopped
1/3 c. mayonnaise
2 tbsp. sweet relish
2 tsp prepared mustard

Combine and chill for at least 1 hour. Spread on bread.

Frog Pond Punch

1 (0.13 ounce) package blue, berry flavored unsweetened drink mix
1 (2 liter) bottle Sprite or 7-up
1 (64 fluid ounce) bottle white cranberry juice
8 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 cup white sugar, or to taste (you can also use stevia which is a natural sweetner)
In a large punch bowl, stir together the drink mix, soda, and white cranberry juice. Taste, and stir in sugar to your liking. Float scoops of ice cream on the top if you want.

Hot glue clean plastic frogs to plastic lily pads and float on top of the punch. Freeze some fake cattails in a paper cup filled with water. When the water is frozen, peel off the paper cup and set the cat tails in the middle of the "pond". This is a great effect and everyone will love it. Place a leaf garland around the bowl and add frogs here and there.

You can use "flies" (raisins) to the punch as well.

Frog Birthday Party Favors

Froggie Fun Party Favor Box

Purchase galvanized buckets, glue a foam frog on the front and fill with your choice of frog stuff. Add some curly ribbon on the handle. You can also paint the names of your guests on the bucket. This makes it so much more personal. If you're not good at painting, cut out foam letters and hot glue on.

Here are a few frog birthday party favor filler ideas...

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