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John Deere Birthday Party Ideas

Get down on the farm with these fantastic DIY John Deere Birthday Party ideas galore. Ideas for John Deere favors, cakes, invitations, decorations, and so much more.

antique john deere tractor in a field of tulips

If your little one loves anything to do with John Deere tractors, then the John Deere Party will be the perfect theme for his or her birthday party. It's a really easy and fun party to do. You don't have to live on a farm to have a fabulous tractor party.

No up-tight city slickers allowed at this party ;) We wouldn't want them to step in a cow patty! Although it might bring 'um down a notch or two.

But enough of the countrified talk, let's get to the party ideas!

John Deere Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

For a homemade DIY John Deer invitation, make you invitations out of scrapbook supplies. An easy idea is to get a John Deere coloring book and let your little one color the pictures.

Cut the pictures out and glue onto card stock paper that is folded in half. Add your party info inside.

One of my favorite invitation ideas is to take a picture of the guest of honor. In this case, dress him (or her) in overalls and set him (or her) on a tractor. A real one or a toy one.

Print off enough pictures for all the invitations. Glue onto card stock and add info. Here are instructions on how to make homemade envelopes.

John Deere Birthday Party Costume Ideas

Ask everyone to come in yellow, green, or John Deere Tractor T-Shirts and overalls. Hand out red bandannas and cowboy hats.

Be sure and have a photo area set up with hay bales to take everyone's picture. Great for scrapbooks. And a really neat idea for a favor or thank you gift.

John Deere Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

John Deere Stand-in

You can use the John Deere Stand-in as part of the decorations and as a fun photo backdrop.

Draw farm animals on thick poster board. Use a coloring book for inspiration. Or use an overhead projector to transfer your images. Glue a garden stake on the back and place all the farm animals in the yard.

Hang green, yellow, and black balloons on the mailbox.

Make the entrance to your party a big red barn door. Use large pieces of card board or wood.

If you have a real tractor, have it sitting in the yard with balloons and streamers on it.

Your colors for this party are simple. Green, yellow, and black. And touches of red if you'd like.

I use green tablecloths for this party theme. You can purchase fabric that has John Deere tractors on it and use it as your table runner or use burlap.

Use green and yellow streamers. Place the streamers together and twist. Start in one corner and drape to the middle. Do that in all four corners of the room.

Or hang the streamers behind the main party table. Tape to the ceiling and twist all the way to the floor and tape. Do this all behind the table to create a "curtain." You can also create a curtain backdrop with sheets, material, or burlap.

For your centerpiece, use a toy tractor and any farm items you have around the house. You can do a balloon bouquet with 1 John Deere balloon and several green and yellow balloons. Tie to the tractor. Galvanized buckets filled with peanuts would be a fun way to bring in the country feel. You can also add florist foam to the buckets, stick in a John Deere sign and then cover the foam with gift basket shred.

Mason jars would be a great choice for this party theme. Wrap the jars with burlap strips and tie twine or string around the jars. Fill with wild flowers or battery operated tea lights. You can print off the John Deere logo and place on the jars as well if you'd like.

I love the cute little hay bales that you can buy at Thanksgiving time. They are super great for county parties like this.

I like to place the cake and the John Deere party supplies on the table as well. It gives the table so much color.

sunflower centerpiece

Even though this is typically a boy's party, you can still use flowers. Place sunflowers in galvanized buckets. Tie a red bandanna on the side of the handle.

Use a large roll of white paper and paint or color a fence all around the party area. If the party is outside, you can use real wood.

Place regular hay bales in stacks. If the party is inside, lay down plastic first though as it can super messy.

Use large sheets of cardboard or paper and draw and paint farm animals. Cows, pigs, chickens, horses, ducks, ect. If you make them from card board, you can make a stand for the back and they will stand up.

If you're not very artistic, you can use a projector to project your picture on the card board. Just trace and fill in with paint. It's really simple.

John Deere Birthday Party Games and Activities

Hay Ride

If you own a tractor you can take the kids on a hay ride. Just fill a trailer with hay and pile the kids in.

If you don't have a tractor and trailer, you can use the back of a truck. Or for a mini version, use a wagon and take one kid at a time. This is great for younger children, but not so hot for older ones.

What Animal Am I?

Make up pieces of paper that have a farm animal written on it before the party. Pin onto the back of each guest. The kids then have to ask questions about what animal they are. Only yes and no answers are allowed. Give a prize to the one who guesses his animal first.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This game is a classic and would be perfect for this party.

"John Deere Tractor 17"" Pinata"

Fill with goodies and let the kids whack away! It can also be part of the decor.

Help the Farmer Find His Veggies

Purchase plastic veggies at a craft store. Hide all around the party area. Give each child a basket that has a red bandanna in it. They must help the farmer find all his produce. Have special stickers on different veggies for certain prizes.

Relay Races

If the party is outside, this party is perfect for races. Sack races, three legged race, wheelbarrow, ect.

John Deere Birthday Party Cake and Cookie Ideas

John Deere Cake Toppers

Make a sheet cake and ice brown. Place a clean toy barn, a tractor, and animals on the cake. Ice grass here and there.

Or use a John Deere Cake Toppers or a Tractor Cake Pan .

You could also do cupcakes and and place an animal candle on each.

Animal shaped cookies are always a big hit. Kids love to bite the heads off of animals. It gives them such a thrill.

John Deere Birthday Party Food and Drinks

This is a great party for good 'ol home cooking. Some ideas might include...

  • Fried chicken(fry in coconut oil)
  • Potato salad
  • Baked beans
  • Macaroni salad
  • Corn on the cob
  • Sweet corn bread
  • Veggie Tray
  • Apple pie
  • Homemade ice cream
  • Fresh lemonade(serve in mason jars)
  • Sweet Tea(serve in mason jars)

Wooey, makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

If you serve any beverages in glass bottles, put them in wheelbarrows full of ice. Put peanuts and animal crackers in galvanized buckets.

John Deere Birthday Party Favor Ideas

You can do the favors a few different ways. Here are some DIY John Deere favor ideas...

Purchase brown gift bags and embellish with John Deere Stickers. Tie a green and yellow ribbon on the handle.

Fill a red bandanna with goodies and tie in a knot. You can put tie it on a stick to look like a ho-bo pack.

Remember the pictures you took earlier? During the party, have them printed and put into frames. This makes a great addition to any favor idea you choose to do.

Another great idea for this party is to purchase ready-made favors.

Fill the container of your choice with goodies such as, John Deere stickers, play farm tools, toy John Deere tractor, animal lollipops, ect. Don't forget to include a thank you note.

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