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Larry's King Birthday Party

Once upon a time, a fabulous King birthday party was born...So, I wanted to do something elegant but manly enough for my husband's birthday. I thought about all different kinds of themes.

As I was searching around, I came across some great crown plates and napkins and theme was apparent. That is how my inspiration comes. I have one thing and then go from that. I took my color scheme and everything from the gorgeous plates.

He didn't want a big deal, so I kept it small yet so very tasteful. I really do love decorating for parties.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and get some awesome ideas for your next party. This color scheme would also be perfect for the extra cute Little Prince baby shower or Little Prince 1st birthday.

king birthday party

My color scheme for this royal King birthday party were turquoise, brown, and cream. It was so elegant. Not too girly though. I knew that I had to do something great for my precious hubby, because he treats me like a Queen. So if I'm the Queen, then he's the King. King Larry reigns!

king birthday party 2

I started with a brown round tablecloth. Then I added candlesticks, brown and cream candles, faux diamonds, a cute metal sign, a large diamond ring under glass, a matching gift bag, a gorgeous cake, and cupcakes.

crown cake

I'm a decorator folks, not really a master baker, so I knew that the cake had to be easy. SIMPLE!!! I just baked two round cakes, frosted with vanilla frosting and use brown and turquoise sprinkles. It was pretty just like that, but I needed it to not only match the color scheme, but match the King party theme as well.

That's why I added the beautiful crown. Then I made flags. They say.....Hear Ye, Hear Ye...King Larry is 41 yrs old...Happy Royal Birthday. Blue Kisses complete the cake (they were actually "It's A Boy" baby shower kisses). Everyone loved it.

king birthday party 4

The metal sign says..."A man's house is his castle, until the Queen comes home." Hmmmm...the men didn't think this was very funny. It's not really true. My husband is the King of our house ALL the time. Shhhh....we'll just let him think that.

king birthday party 5

Under the glass was a cupcake with a large diamond ring. Just part of the decor. A touch of class.

king birthday party 6

Friends and family. Such pretty smiles.

king birthday party 7

More friends and family...

king birthday party 8

And even more...

king birthday party 9

And finally the King himself....Larry! I had bought him a blue crown, but he wasn't too impressed with it. And if the King doesn't want to wear his foam crown that cost a dollar, then he doesn't have to. He could have banished me from his kingdom, but he is a kind King. Okay, I know that I am taking this King theme a little far. Ha Ha!

king birthday cupcakes

These King party cupcakes were a hit. I served them first. They added such color to the table as well.

Happy Birthday My Darling King Larry! You're the best.

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