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Ladies Tea Party Ideas

by alex


Ladies Tea Party Ideas

I need help we are having a ladies tea at my church and we are having a table hostess for each table. Each table host has a centerpiece that they take home to decorate and they also decorate their table.

I need help decorating the stage where the speaker is going to be at. I don't know what theme I should do it, or if I should even have a theme.


Hi Alex,

There really are no rules about having a theme or not. But I've done many ladies church teas and we always did either a theme or a least a color scheme.

Here are a few ladies tea party themes you can think about...


Once you have your theme all set, you can then think about your stage decor. Most of the themes above work really well with a garden feel. You can bring in a white garden arbor with ivy and flowers.

White columns are a great way to decorate for a ladies event. Wind twinkle lights and ivy up them. Set plants or candles on top of the columns. You can rent columns at any wedding rental place.

Fake greenery is a great filler. Use trees, bushes, and potted plants to really bring in a garden feel.

Tulle is fun to use. It's really cheap and you can do so much with it. Wind it in the arbor. Make large bows with it. Or swag it from the ceiling for a dramatic effect.

After you have your "garden" feel. You can add any of the other theme ideas if you wish. Butterflies, bees, flowers, hats, ect.

I hope your Ladies Tea is a huge success. Have a blessed day.

The Decorating Diva

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