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Homemade Ladybug Cake

ladybug cake

I had so much fun making this adorable Ladybug Cake. My son thought a tornado had come through the kitchen.

As you can tell, I'm not the best at cake decorating. But I sure like to try.

I used store bought fondant for the body of the ladybug and icing for the head and circles.

Easy Ladybug Cake Instructions

  • Mix any flavor of cake.
  • Bake some in a bowl(I used a medium mixing bowl).
  • And the rest in cupcakes.
  • The one in the mixing bowl takes awhile to cook.
  • Cool the cake and the cupcake completely.
  • Cut bottom of bowl cake to sit flat.
  • Use red to tint fondant(I only had pink).
  • Roll out fondant following instructions on box.
  • Place over cake.
  • Smooth the fondant over the cake.
  • Cut around the ladybug.
  • Place green tulle on cake plate.
  • Cut the edges to look like leaves.
  • Lay the ladybug on the bed of leaves.
  • Cut one of the cupcakes at an angle to sit smoothly on the body.
  • Stick to cake with icing.
  • Pipe a line down the middle of body with chocolate icing.
  • Frost the head and circles with chocolate icing(I used a star tip)
  • Use white icing and chocolate chips for the eyes.
  • Cut out a piece of fondant for the bug's smile.
  • Place candles or pipe cleaners for the antennae.
  • Start taking orders for cakes because you are so good!

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