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Little Prince Birthday Party Ideas

little prince birthday party

Little Prince birthday party ideas that will turn any space into a castle fit for a Prince! Your baby will be the star of the show with all these fabulous Little Prince Birthday Party ideas for centerpieces, decorations, super cute supplies, cakes, and more.

This Little Prince birthday party will make your baby feel like royalty. Feel free to use this theme for a toddler birthday party as well.

Just change the wording to match the age of your child.

For older kids, check out the Prince Party page for some more royal party plans.

Little Prince Birthday Party Invitations

There are several things you can do when deciding on your Little Prince invites. You can order your Lil' Prince 1st Birthday Invitations or make your own.

Here's a simple idea for a homemade Little Prince invitation...

Take a picture of your baby with a crown and a blue sash covering his diaper. Glue onto yellow paper.

Cut out with scrapbook scissors and glue onto front of white card.

Handwrite or print inside...

"Our little prince is turning one, please join us for some royal fun."



Place a crown sticker to seal envelope. You could also seal it with wax and a royal stamp.

Or make this super cute homemade little prince birthday party invitation.

prince baby shower invitation

Supplies Needed for Homemade Invitation

  • Blue striped paper
  • Yellow card stock paper
  • Light blue letter stickers
  • Yellow scrapbook brads
  • Clear gem stickers
  • Decorative scissors
  • White glue stick

Instructions for Making Invitation

  1. Cut out the yellow card stock paper with decorative scissors to desired size.
  2. Cut out the striped paper a little smaller.
  3. Attach the striped paper onto the yellow paper with yellow flower brads.
  4. Stick the letter stickers at the top.
  5. Cut out a whimsical crown and glue on the card.
  6. Apply the little gems to the crown.
  7. Write all your shower info on the front.

Lil' Prince Party Costumes

Royal Throne - Blue

Make baby royalty with a blue royal cape trimmed in gold, and a gold crown. Supply each guest with a crown. The little guests won't keep them on, but it's cute for pictures.

Another thing that is extra cute for pictures is this adorable Royal Throne - Blue.

You can keep the baby prince happy and just dress him in a cute Lil' Prince 1st Birthday T-Shirt.

1st Birthday Little Prince Birthday Party Decorations

Lil' Prince 1st Birthday Ultimate Party Pack


Tie balloons on the mailbox. Cut out castles and dragons out of thick poster board. Use coloring books for ideas. Line the sidewalk with them.

Set pillars on front porch. Wind greenery, twinkle lights, and blue and gold silky material up them.


Your colors are going to be blue, white, and yellow. This matches the very popular Lil' Prince birthday party supplies. As you can see the the pictures below, I added in green as well. And a few frogs (frog prince).

Create a royal atmosphere. Build castles out of boxes. Put lots of pillows and toys in them for the babies to play in.

Cascade blue tulle from the middle of the room to the corners. Intertwine twinkle lights. You could also use a gold silky material. Check out the $1.00 a yard material section in department stores.

Start with a Lil' Prince tablecloth or use blue or white solid tablecloths. Purchase or construct a castle for your centerpiece. You can do a one dimensional castle pretty easy. Find a picture of a castle in a coloring book. Trace onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out. Color with markers or paint. Make a stand out of card board and hot glue to the back. You can surround with greenery to hide any imperfections.

Just do that 4 times for each side of the castle to make a more substantial castle. Or start out with this Lil' Prince 1st Birthday Centerpiece and decorate around it.

Lay crowns and jewels all around. Place dragon and prince figurines amongst the greenery. Place a Prince Crown Frame on the table with your son's picture in it. And a Lil' Prince 1st Birthday Signature Plate for everyone to sign. You can place both in baby's room after the party.

Wind blue and yellow ribbon (or streamers) and greenery down and around the chandelier. You can also hang extra crystals on it as well.

Tie balloons in groups of 3's. Blue, yellow, and white (add in green if you want as well). Place around room. Balloons are a great party decorating staple. They are not expensive and they fill up a lot of space.

Make a weight with a balloon and some sand. Place 1/4 cup sand in balloon and tie in knot. Cut out a circle of tulle to cover the weight. Tie with pretty ribbon.

Decorate baby's highchair to be a throne. It's actually quite easy. Purchase sticky backed Velcro strips. Stick one side to the highchair. Hot glue blue tulle onto the other strip of Velcro. You can hot glue a piece of pretty yellow trim over the top to hide any glue.

Stick the Velcro together and you have a perfect highchair skirt. You can make a slipcover for the back. Use no sew iron-on tape. It's so easy to use.

Make a template of the back of the highchair out of newspaper. Cut out 2 pieces of material, adding a bit on the sides to allow for you to iron together. Following the instructions, iron the two pieces together. Leave the bottom open to allow you to slip it over the chair. Embellish any way you feel.

1st Birthday Lil' Prince Party Games

Pin the Tail on the Dragon

Hang a picture of a dragon and have blindfolded guest try to pin(or tape)a tail in the right spot.

Remember to give prizes to everyone. Clap and give a lot of encouragement.

Horsey Race

Purchase stick horses. Tie ribbons on them. Have races or just horse around.

"Prince Crown 13"" Pull-String Pinata"

Pinatas are fun at any age. Fill with age appropriate toys or candy and get ready for some princely fun!

1st Birthday Lil' Prince Party Food and Drinks

little prince cupcakes

Easy Little Prince Cakes

Decorate a 2 layer cake with castles and silver sprinkles. Serve on crystal cake plate.

Make cupcakes and place mini silver crowns on top.

Make cupcakes and use store bought fondant to create a crown with a "P" on top. It's really easy to do. It's like playing with Playdoh.

Or purchase one of these cake pans and decorate in blue icing.

Crown Cake Pan

From: Birthday in a Box

Enchanted Castle Cake Pan


  • Crown shaped sandwiches
  • Crown cookies
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Pureed food for babies(serve in goblets)
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Make teething biscuits in crown shapes


  • Royal champagne(fruit juice with sparkling mineral water)
  • Milk for babies

Serve drinks in gold goblets for adults and Little Prince party cups for babies.

1st Birthday Little Prince Birthday Party Favors

Purchase blue gift bags and fill them with...

  • Plush horse
  • Treasure chest full of o's cereal
  • Stickers
  • Toy dragons
  • Thank you card
    • Embellish bags with prince stickers. You can personalize them with stickers or markers as well. Tie blue, yellow, and white curly ribbon on the handle.

      Lil' Prince 1st Personalized Empty Favor Boxes (8)

      Inexpensive Little Prince Birthday Party Ideas

      little prince birthday party theme

      This party was done on an extreme budget! I wanted to show you what could be done for very little money.

      I ordered the simply adorable personalized Lil' Prince party supplies and used them in the decor. I also order the banner for a keepsake for the Mom.

      As I said earlier, we added green to the party so we could bring in frogs. It really made the blue and yellow pop and turned out so adorable.

      I borrowed the castles and some of the decor from a friend of mine (don't be afraid to ask your family and friends for decorating items). The large frog was from Valentine's Day and added such a cute touch.

      little prince birthday party ideas

      I used light blue tablecloths and green balloons. I served just a few light treats and cupcakes to keep the cost down.

      little prince birthday party

      This frog came from Hobby Lobby. I got it half price so it wasn't all that much. And now it's in my party stock for other parties down the road (would be cute in a Princess party as well).

      little prince birthday party

      I added a frog to the top cupcake and didn't worry about adding anything to the rest of the blue prince cupcakes.

      little prince birthday party

      The personalized party banner was a huge hit and so easy to order. I really loved how it turned out.

      little prince birthday party

      For the Little Prince Centerpieces, I placed castles, pictures of the little Prince, and balloons on the blue tablecloths. Super simple.

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