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Masquerade Decorations and Supplies

Masquerade decorations make this Masquerade Party a fabulous event. Amazingly simple Masquerade party supplies and plenty of free ideas on how to use them to make your event a night to remember.

This birthday party was a fun event to pull together. See the whole story of this party here.

Some of the supplies for this Masquerade party I ordered from They were so fabulous! I would highly recommend this site for any of your party needs.

masquerade cupcakes

I have long decided that I am not the best baker in the world. I would rather decorate. So I just ordered these cupcakes to make my life easier!

The mask cupcake picks are homemade. I'll explain how we made them below.

........Masquerade Decorations Galore........

masquerade decorations

The tables were placed in an L shape and they were draped with black plastic tablecloths. There were 4 huge pictures in the room that we could not remove. After much brainstorming, I came up with the idea to cover them. I had one of the girls paint 4 different pictures on white paper and we simply hung them over the ugly pictures.

It turned out perfect and the birthday girl was able to take them home after the party as a gift! To conserve on the budget, I used vases from my sister-in-law's house. They were all different shapes and sizes.

The flowers and birds came from Michael's, the masks I ordered online, and I scoured thrift stores for the rest of the stuff.

masquerade decor

The L shape of the tables allowed the guests to watch the dancing.

masquerade table decorations

Wal-Mart was the place I purchased the black and gold material. $1.50 a yard. I also bought the tulle there. It's crumpled on the table to give it color and dimension.

Beads, a mask, greenery, feathers, and roses complete this table decor.

........Masquerade Decorations Galore........

masquerade mask backdrop

This Enchanting Mask Standee was amazing! You simply unfold and hang where you want to create a back drop. We used it for our photo backdrop and it worked awesome!

It also has a stand that you can use. We thought it fit our party better hanging. I used ribbon to hang it with and bought removable hooks so we didn't damage the walls.

masquerade punch fountain

You can rent fountains and some really cool stuff at wedding rental stores. This fountain was a real hit. It looked gorgeous and fit right in with the Victorian Masquerade theme.

masquerade party decorations

The candelabra were also from the wedding rental store.

masquerade mask

This was a guest's mask and made for a great photo.

masquerade centerpieces

Purple, gold, and pink candies were scattered down the length of the table for color and to allow the guests something to snack on.

........Masquerade Decorations Galore........

masquerade centerpiece ideas

The roses are submerged in the water for a cool effect. It was pretty easy after I finally figured out how to do it! Use fishing line to tie the roses together and then add fishing weights to hold the flowers down in the water. Hide the weights with decorative stones.

masquerade centerpiece

This is a picture of the guest of honor and the gentleman who proposed to her that night.

masquerade parties

Floating candles and a party mask. You can avoid bubbles in the water by using distilled water (so I've heard). I didn't have time or the budget to try the theory out.

masquerade ball decor

The cupcakes are on a plastic cupcake stand. I cut out a slit and a circle so that the doily would fit. Just gave it a little bit of a dressy feel. We also had real food. Chocolate covered strawberries, shrimp, meats and cheeses, mini cheescakes, and more. It was all very yummy.

masquerade food table

The ice cream punch was fun to watch as it bubbled out of the fountain.

........Masquerade Decorations Galore........

masquerade favor ideas

These sweet little masks were so much fun to make. I purchased the plastic that shrinks in the oven. We then cut out a mask shape and baked a few to get it right.

Then we traced the mask onto the plastic and cut all the masks out. We shrunk them following the directions on the back of the package.

After they were all cool, I brushed on white glue and rolled them in gold glitter. Let them dry and then hot glued them to lollipop sticks (I cut them in half).

I then added the little curly ribbon. I tied the ribbon on and then cut up the middle to make little strips. I then ran my scissors down the strips to make them curl.

These were a little time consuming, but well worth it. They doubled as our party favor.

........Masquerade Decorations Galore........

masquerade ideas

The strawberries were one of the best things of the night! Yummy!

Do you have a wonderful party idea you'd like to share with the world? Send it over with this easy form and I'll add it to our site for all of your friends and family to enjoy!

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