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Monster Truck Party Ideas

monster truck party

Monster Truck party ideas that will knock your son's socks off. Free Monster Truck Birthday party ideas for cakes, invitations, favors, decorations, supplies, food, and so much more.

The Monster Truck Party is great for any little (or big) boy that loves trucks. But don't be afraid to do this party for a girl. My daughter would love it.

Monster Truck Party Invitations

Send out small Monster Trucks with a tag attached with a black and white checkered ribbon. It could read something like this...

(Your child's name) is having a Monster Truck Party! Rev up your engines for some roaring good fun.



Or purchase ready made Monster Jam Invitations.

Monster Truck Party Decorations

Tie balloons on the mailbox. Make your side walk a "road" with black tape.

Get old tires and place them around the entrance.

Borrow an old truck. Put a sign on the side with the name of a monster truck. Have it sitting in the front yard.

Make a black and white arch. Tie black and white balloons on a ribbon. They will float up to create an arch.

Have flags along the sidewalk.

Make a stop light out of thick poster board. Place it near the door.

Place orange cones here and there.

Set up a table with Car & Truck Coloring Page to keep the kids busy until everyone arrives.

Your colors for a Monster Truck Party are black, white, red, yellow, and green. Hang curly ribbon in those colors from the chandelier. You could also hang toy trucks with ribbon or fishing line.

Tie green, yellow, and red balloons in bunches of 3's. Tie them on the backs of chairs. You can also place them randomly around the room. Keep them in bunches. You can make a balloon weight with a balloon and some sand. Fill a balloon with about 1/4 cup sand. Tie a knot.

Your tablecloth should be black and white checkered. For your centerpiece make a large tray out of cardboard. Fill with dirt or sand. Place toy trucks, flags, and toy tires in it.

Hang posters of trucks on the walls. Keep them eye level for the guests.

For plates and cups, you can make it easy and use monster truck party supplies, or use plain red, green, or yellow. You could use black and white as well.

Monster Truck Party Games

Pinata - Monster Jam Grave Digger

Pinata - Monster Jam Grave Digger

Monster Truck Show

Let the kids design their own "truck" out of a box. Have paints and markers handy. Let them pick out a name. Make sure there's no top or bottom, so they can step through them and hold them up. Have races, or let them put on a show, and give prizes.

Pin the Tire on the Truck

Play as you would pin the tail on the donkey. Just use a poster of a truck.

Truck Play Time

Kids just love to play. Let them have fun with the truck you've set up. Or set up tires in the back yard, with orange cones and flags.

Monster Truck Birthday Party Supplies

Monster Truck Party Cake Ideas

Monster Jam Cake Topper

Make or purchase a cake and add the Monster Truck Cake Topper on top. Click on the graphic above to see all the fun things you can do with this easy topper.

Or you can frost a 2 layer cake with chocolate icing. Crumble black cookies on top to resemble dirt. Have cars lined up in a row with a truck sitting on the first one.

Monster Truck Party Food and Drink Ideas

Serve "junk" food.

  • Hotdogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Chips
  • Popcorn
  • Nachos
  • Pretzels

Believe it or not, you can get healthy versions of all the above if you choose. But don't worry too much about it. It's only one day.


  • Monster Truck Tongue Tingle(tart fruit juice with sparkling mineral water)
  • Virgil's Rootbeer
This is great stuff. And it's relatively healthy. You can get it in bottles. Serve in truck beds loaded with ice. You can also buy it in a keg. It's a great hit at any party.

Monster Truck Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Monster Jam Party Favor Box
Purchase black gift bags. Tie green, red, and yellow ribbon on handle. Cover with truck stickers. Fill with, trucks, cars, balls, keychains, Monster Truck t-shirt rolled up and tied with green, yellow, and red ribbon, and a thank you note.
Banner - Monster Jam

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