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Who's In Charge?

Brainstorming great office party ideas will ensure that everyone has a fun and relaxing time. The first thing that needs to be done, is pick someone who is in charge. If you own the company and you want to be in charge, that's fine.

If you want a fantastic office party and you don't have a clue what to do, then put someone else in charge. If you want a very formal and fancy party, then how about hiring a Party Planner.

Now the person in charge needs to find a few others to help.

Where To Have It?

Ok, you've got a leader, now where to have your party. This is going to depend on what kind of office party you want to have and what type of people you are dealing with. Does your office lean more towards caviar and a black tie affair? Or is everyone more casual? Would they enjoy a BBQ or a picnic? This will help you decide on where to have the party.

Your budget will help you decide this as well. If you're on a small budget, keep it simple.

Please don't have the party in the office. How lame is that. You work in that office all year long. You really don't want to have a party there. If you must have the party in the office for budget reasons, make it festive with a lot of decorations.

Here are a few Office Party ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Restaurant(rent a room or the whole restaurant)
  • Party Boat
  • Hotel Banquet Hall(formal affair)
  • Park(picnic)
  • Co-worker's or Boss's backyard(BBQ)
  • Country Inn

Who To Invite?

Next thing to decide is who are you going to invite. Is it just for the staff, or are you going to include their spouses? What about the whole family?

It all depends on what kind of office party you are having. If it's in a restaurant, you could get away with just staff. If you are having a formal affair with dancing, you might want to invite spouses. If it's a BBQ or picnic, you'll want to invite the whole family of the staff members.

What Theme?

Why a theme? Well, it sure makes it easier to plan and decorate when there is a theme. It doesn't have to be a in your face theme. It could simply be a color theme. Just something to focus on. Think about what kind of party you are having.

You do not want to do a Beach theme for a formal affair, and you wouldn't want to do a Masquerade Party for a picnic. Even if you're having a Christmas Office Party, don't get locked into the whole red and green. You can go a million other ways. For decorating office party ideas, you can find all kinds of Adult themes right here on this sight. You can also check out the Kid's Parties and Teen Parties as well.

You'll find general party decorating ideas here.

Office Party Ideas for Entertainment

Decide on what kind of entertainment you want to provide. Here are some really good choices.

  • DJ
  • Magician
  • Comedian
  • Caricature Artist
  • Band
  • Great CD's to play if you're on a tight budget

Office Party Ideas for Food and Drink

The next thing to decide is the food and drink. Do you want to have the party catered? Maybe you want to do potluck. If you're having a BBQ, you'll want to grill out. Take into account vegetarians, food allergies, and religious rules.

If you're going to serve alcohol, make sure you have plenty of festive non-alcoholic beverages as well. Have the number to the local cab service or plenty of designated drivers on hand as well.

Office Party Ideas for Invitations

Send out your invites 3 weeks before the party. Make sure they match your theme. If it's a formal affair, you'll want very elegant invites. They need to have all the info inside. Why, when, where, what time, who's invited, what to wear, and a RSVP.

Office Party Supplies

Keep your theme in mind. Check out my page on party supplies for more details.

Office Party Ideas for Games and Icebreakers

It all depends on what kind of party you are having. If it's more formal, you'll probably not have a bunch of silly games. On the other hand, if it's a picnic, you'll want a bunch of silly games to make it fun.

Christmas Party Games

Secret Santa

Before the party have everyone draw a name. Everyone must keep it secret. You buy a gift for the person you picked and bring to the party. The gifts all go in "Santa's Bag". An elf passes them out. Everyone gets a gift and they can't get mad at the person who bought it, because they don't know who bought it.


Write up some Christmas trivia. See who can get the most right answers.

Santa Drawing

Show everyone a picture of Santa at the beginning of the party. Then later, have everyone draw what they can remember. See who's picture is the closest.

Ornament Exchange

Have the guests bring an Christmas ornament. Place on table. Draw numbers. Each guests get to pick an ornament.

Guessing Songs

Play 5 seconds of a Christmas song. See who can guess the title the fastest.

Cookie Exchange

Have everyone bring a dozen cookies. Number the plates of cookies and draw numbers to see who gets each plate.

Office Picnic or BBQ Party Games

Carnival Games
Horse shoes
Touch football
Pony rides
Various races(sack, three legged, wheelbarrow, tricycle, ect.)

General Office Party Games


Choose one person as the statue. Tell everyone about the game as they arrive, but don't tell them who the Statue is. At some part of the party, the "statue" must stop what he or she is doing and stand like a statue. As the guests realize what is going on, they must freeze as well. The last person to figure out what is going on is the "statue" for the next round.

Who Am I

Make up cards with a name on them. It can be famous people or people from the office. Pin a name on each guest as they arrive. The person must then go around and ask questions to try and figure out who they are. The other person can only answer yes or no.

Some old favorites.

Board games
Card games

Office Party Ideas for Party Favors and Gifts

You will want to give some kind of party favor. It says thank you for working so hard all year long. You'll want to go a little more expensive on office party favors. This is not a time to be cheap. Show your appreciation. Keep with the theme of your party. Personalized gifts and favors from Beau-coup are a great choice.

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