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Owl Birthday Party Ideas

Owl bet you'll just love these Owl birthday party ideas! What a super cool theme idea that is perfect for a boy or a girl. You'll find ideas for Owl party invitations, decorations, centerpieces, favors, cakes, and more.

owl birthday centerpiece ideas
owl birthday party centerpiece

It's also a great theme for adults. You can do the Owl theme many ways. Whimsical, woodsy, realistic, ect. It's so versatile and fun!

Owl Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

There are several different things you can do for your owl invitations. You can make them yourself (I've shown one here that I made and will tell you exactly how to make it), you can order your Owl Invitations online (there are several below). Or use a generic invitation from a local store and add any owl stickers and the such to make it match the theme.

If you are all about creating your owl invitations from scratch, check out this one that I made. You can change the colors to fit any color scheme that you are going for. This invite was super easy, but I'm not sure I'd want to make a hundred of them. For a small party of 8 or so, it would be fine.

owl birthday invitation ideas

Supplies Needed for Homemade Owl Birthday Invitation

  • Pretty flower cardstock paper (you can also just use regular flower scrapbook paper like I did here)
  • Blue cardstock paper
  • Green cardstock paper
  • Cream cardstock paper
  • Brown cardstock paper
  • Google eyes
  • Regular scissors
  • White glue stick (use for all of the invite except the eyes)
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick (use to glue the eyes down)

Instructions for Making Invitations

  • Cut and fold the pretty flower paper to any size invite.
  • I looked online at owl pictures and just freehanded this owl.
  • I cut out the main body from the green paper.
  • Then cut out blue circles for the eyes.
  • Cut out cream circles (I used a round things around the house as my templates) a little bit smaller than the blue and glue the white on top of the blue.
  • Draw a branch on the brown paper and cut out. Glue to front of card.
  • Then glue the main body of the owl down onto the card.
  • I cut out a piece for the front of the owl body from blue paper and glued it down.
  • The little talons are just cut out cream cardstock paper.
  • And the beak is cut from brown cardstock.
  • Glue the eyes on.
  • Write your party information inside (or buy a stamp that has the appropriate invite lines).
  • Make a homemade envelope if you wish.

Feel free to print the owl invite shown above and trace the individual parts of the owl if you need to. But please only use it for your personal use :)

Owl Birthday Party Costume Ideas

Costumes are a fun way to bring in your theme. You can have the kids come in owl costumes of their own making, or make some owl masks for one of the party craft projects. I made a simple owl mask to give you an idea of how to make one.

Owl Birthday Party Mask

Supplies Needed for Homemade Owl Birthday Mask

  • Pretty flower cardstock paper
  • Blue cardstock paper
  • Green cardstock paper
  • Cream cardstock paper
  • Gold satin ribbon
  • Green feathers
  • Hole punch
  • Regular scissors
  • Glue

You can make the basic mask before the party and then let the kids decorate theirs with different colored eyes, beak, ribbon, ect.

Owl Birthday Party Decorations and Centerpiece Ideas

owl birthday centerpiece ideas

The feeling that you want to invoke for this party theme is a woodsy feel. You can certainly bring in a more modern and whimsical twist if you wish as well. I like to mix my own creativity and traditional party supplies to come up with a truly memorable event.

This Personalized Owl Standee is an example of that. It brings the owl theme in great and can be used for any part of your owl birthday decorating.

If you live anywhere near woods, then you are good to go for this theme. Scout out tree branches, pine cones, leaves, vines, moss, and anything else in the woods that you find interesting. If you are a city dweller, you might have to rely on store bought branches. And that's fine too.

As far as a color scheme, I usually find cute party plates (you don't have to use traditional owl birthday party supplies) that you love and take your color cues from them. I went with greens and blues for my Owl party pictures, but you can really do any color scheme that you wish.

I created a really simple Owl Birthday centerpiece (see picture above) that you can recreate on your party tables, or just take inspiration from. I started with a robin's egg blue vintage basket that I found at a flea market. I found the branches in the woods behind my house. They are really unique so I keep them around for all kinds of decorating themes. I spray painted them antique white and placed them in the basket.

I also added some fake fern fronds that I found at Hobby Lobby. They look so real and add to the woodsy feeling.

I then placed several books on the table (owl's are wise you know and love to read). Next I made a simple owl candle with some scrapbook paper and handmade flowers. I simply cut a piece of flowered scrapbook paper and wrapped it around the candle. I then cut a triangle for the beak and added my flowers for the eyes. Here's a full tutorial for the handmade flowers if you'd like to see how I made those. They are so fun to make and look so adorable! If this party is for really little kiddos, then you don't need to light the candles. The little ones will just want to play in the hot wax, and that is not a good thing. Ha ha! Curious little monkeys;)

I sat the owl candle in a nest and then added another nest that was in my Easter party supplies (you can find them at Easter time).

You can also do a simple centerpiece for your owl birthday party with a plain colored gift bag (can be purchased for pretty cheap at any dollar store) and a Owl mylar balloon. Add some pretty colored latex balloons to the owl balloon and tie to a balloon weight. Set the weight down in the bag and then cover the weight with some pretty matching tissue paper. This is a very inexpensive Owl party centerpiece idea, and it really makes a great impact. You can just tie the balloons onto a pretty weight as well and forgo the bag.

Banners are a nice birthday decorating touch. Purchase one, or create one with scrapbook paper and ribbon. You can also make banners out of solid colored party plates. Just punch two holes in the top of the plates and run a ribbon through. I made one for a really fun Purple Candy Party. You can pop on over there and check it out if you'd like. Use any color of plates to make it match your owl birthday party color scheme.

Cut out branches from brown paper and place on the wall. Add paper owls to the branches. Place vines and greenery on the mantle and add in woodsy elements. Hang a banner from the corner of the mantle to the other corner. Or hang the banner above the main party table.

Pom pom tissue balls are fun at any party and so easy to make. Martha has a really great tutorial for how to make them. Hang them over the main party table.

Check out your local garden center for owl garden statues. You can place these on the tables or around the party area.

Owl Birthday Party Supplies

For your Owl Birthday Supplies, you can choose from one of the ideas that I have provided or go with solid colored supplies and just bring in your owl theme in other ways.

Owl Birthday Party Games and Activities

Owl Pull-String Pinata

Pinatas are always fun for any party and the pull string pinata makes it so much safer than your traditional pinata.

Owl Face

Paint each child with a owl face. Look at images in books or online for inspiration.

Owl Coloring Pages

Find free coloring pages online and print out enough for your party guests. This is a great activity to have on hand in case you find that you have some empty time in your party schedule.

Pin The Beak On The Owl

Play this in the same way you would play the traditional game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Make your own owl poster (just look in coloring books for inspiration). Cut out triangles for the beaks and put a piece of double stick tape on the back. The player who places the beak closest to the correct spot wins!

Musical Owl Nests

Draw nests on pieces of paper and tape to the party chairs. Set the chairs in a circle with the seats facing out. Have all your little "owls" stand around the chairs (you'll need one less chair than players). As you start the music, the "owls" fly around the "nests." When the music stops, the "owls" must find a "nest" to sit on. There will be one player that will not find a seat and that player is out. Take one chair away and continue the game.

Owl Birthday Party Cakes or Cupcakes

If you decide on cupcakes, here is a really easy and cute idea...

Purchase or bake cupcakes and frost them with chocolate frosting. Pull Oreos apart and place one on each side of the cupcake with the white cream pointing up. Add brown M&M's or Reese's Pieces for the eye pupils. For the beak you simply use a candy corn. I told you this was super simple! Of course you can always keep going with it and make it as detailed as you like. Fondant is a great way to cover cupcakes as well and can be used to make owl cupcakes.

Owl Cupcake Picks are a great way to bring in the owl theme as well. Cut out circles and add an owl sticker. Glue two circles back to back onto a toothpick. Place one pick in each cupcake.

Display your cupcakes in a cupcake stand or stacked cake plates.

If you are wanting a cake, there are several things you can do...

1. You can purchase the cake from your favorite bakery.

2. Bake a cake and decorate it yourself. For a very simple owl birthday party cake, bake a round cake and frost it brown. Add two rice cakes for the eyes. Add Reese's Pieces for the pupils (or black fondant). Then use orange fondant (or orange candy) for the beak. This is very simple but actually looks enough like an owl.

Owl Birthday Party Food and Drinks

Your food does not have to all to match the theme. Go with whatever food you child loves and decorate the table with a forest feel. If you do want a few food ideas that bring in the owl birthday party theme, then I've listed some below that are sure to please.

  • Owl open faced sandwiches (Use a round cookie cutter and cut a round piece of bread. Then a round piece of meat. Then add two smaller round pieces of white cheese for the eyes. Next, cut a black olive in half and place on the cheese circles for pupils. Place a sliver of a carrot on the sandwich for the beak.)
  • Forest cups (Start with a brown cup. Use a magic marker to make lines on the cup to look like a tree stump. Place a small amount of ranch dip in each cup and add broccoli to the cups. It will look like trees.)
  • Owl or leaf shaped cookies
  • Chocolate pretzel owl nests
  • Pretzel sticks (they look like twigs) dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles to match your color scheme
  • Forest Fizz (any green soda)

Owl Birthday Party Favor Ideas

For your owl favors you can purchase the favors or make your own. If you decide on doing homemade favors, here is a great way to package them.

Purchase little brown gift bags and then decorate them with scrapbook paper and supplies. Fill with your homemade favor and then put white tissue paper in the top. Add a pretty ribbon and you're all set. You can fill the bags with fun toys or candy, or make one of the ideas below.

Some great ideas for homemade owl birthday party favors are...

  • Homemade owl shaped soaps
  • Homemade owl shaped cookies wrapped in pretty bag with ribbon
  • Homemade owl cupcakes wrapped up in cellophane and ribbon
  • Small bags made out of owl material and filled with candy
  • Homemade owl shaped candy in cellophane bags
  • Fudge wrapped in brown paper with an owl sticker
  • Homemade owl bracelets or necklaces
  • Homemade birds nests with wrapped candies in them
  • Handmade purses made out of owl material

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