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Pamper Party Ideas

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The Pamper Party is all the rage. And why not? We deserve it ladies! We take care of everyone else in our lives. Our kids, our husbands, our parents, and even our bosses. Rally the girls and let's enjoy ourselves.

There are several different themes you can do. Or you can mix and match. Just let the creative juices flow.

Makeup Party

This is a favorite with girls of all ages. Perfect for a Pamper Party idea. Purchase a variety of makeup, you can have your girlfriends bring some as well.


Cut out a pair of ruby red lips from scrapbook paper. Cut a piece of white cardstock paper in half. Fold that in half. Glue the lips onto the card. Write your info inside.

You can also find great stickers at hobby stores. Just create your own. You can also purchase a ready made card.


For the Makeup Party, you can just do a makeup theme, or you can do another theme and work the makeup into it. I personally like to do flowers, purses, and girly things, and include makeup in the decor.

Pick a color scheme and go with it. Only use 2 or 3. It can get confusing if you have 20 colors going on. A really popular color scheme for this party is animal print and hot pink. You can do zebra(black and white) or leopard(brown and cream). Just pair it with hot pink and you're good to go.

I'll give instructions for the leopard, and you can tweak it if you want the zebra.

Cream tablecloth. For your centerpiece, Place 2 cake plates(one taller than the other)side by side. On the top one, place a pretty purse with gloves and pearls hanging over the side. Tie a leopard print bow on the handle. Set a big pink flower to the side. Place a taper candle in a pretty holder beside that.

On the next cake plate, set a jewelry box with jewelry flowing out of it. You can buy cheap jewelry if you don't want to use yours. Buy it to match the colors of the party.

On the table below the cake plates, place a hot pink makeup bag on it's side with makeup spilling out. Scatter pearls, fake jewels, and makeup all on the table.

You can doll up the chandelier. Intertwine hot pink and leopard print ribbon all through it. Make sure some is hanging down as well. If you don't have a chandelier, make a statement with flower balls. Just hot glue pink flowers onto 3 styrofoam balls. Tie a leopard print ribbon on the top of each one.

Suspend from the ceiling with ribbon. Gorgeous!


Take turns giving each other makeovers. Take pictures before and after. Share tips, and have fun!


The best thing to serve is finger foods. Check out my Finger Foods Page for some great ideas and recipes.


Give little makeup bags with a variety of makeup and girly stuff for the guests to take home.

For some really great makeup tips, visit this website...

Color Party

This party is really neat. I found out about my season about 6 years ago, and it's changed my life for the better. I guess I better explain what the Color Party is all about.

Everybody is a season. You're skin and your hair determine what that season is. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. There is not enough room on this page to explain them all. There are some great resources. I have the Color Me Beautiful book. You can also search it out on line.

What you do is, read up about it, or hire a professional. Gather fabric scarves. Invite your girl friends and discover the greatest thing ever. Your colors! You'll be glad you did.

Spa Party

This is a very relaxing party.We can't all afford to go to a real spa, so this Pamper Party idea is the next best thing. I've got complete plans for this party on my Spa Party Page . It's geared for teens, but you can tweak it to fit.

Fashion Party

Oh this one is great fun girls. Have everyone bring clothes they don't wear anymore and do a swap. You can also purchase fancy dresses at thrift stores and have a fashion show. It makes for some great pictures.

Decorations for this party would be along the same lines as the makeup party. See above.

The only difference is, go more with fashion than makeup. Set up a runway for all your models. Have the music playing and strut your stuff. You can look at my Diva Party Page for more ideas. It's geared for a little girls party, but there's a little girl in all of us.


Purchase cute little purses and fill with jewelry, compact mirror, manicure set, and lip gloss.

Have fun at your next Pamper Party!

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