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pink party table decorations

Party decorating is so much fun. You just need a few simple tips to get you going. Don't be afraid to use adult decor for kid birthday parties.

You can start with all the traditional kid party decorating items and then add in you own flare. Kids like glitz and glamour too.

Even if the party is for a guy, you can use greenery, ribbon, tulle, ect. The women are the ones looking at the party decorations anyway.

If you have any party decor questions, you can ask the Decorating Diva. She loves to help you solve your decorating dilemmas.

Be sure and start planning early, that way you can be on the look out for good deals. I always make a list of what I need and start my shopping early.

Some things can't be found at your local stores, so you will have to order on line. Give yourself plenty of time, so you don't have a nervous break down looking for that one special thing.

So enough chit chat...Let's get to decorating!

Decide On A Theme And Color Scheme

This is extremely important, because it gives you a direction and your colors.

Coordinate your colors with your theme. If it's tropical, you don't want to have black and red. You would choose tropical colors like melon, lime green, bright yellow, and turquoise.

Normally you want to keep to 2 or 3 colors. You can do more for tropical, rainbow, or a 70's party. Anything that "calls" for more colors.

You can do opposite colors(like red and green), or colors that are closer together on the color wheel(like orange and yellow).

Another option is to use only one color in different hues. Like dark blue, light blue, and ice blue.

One of the easiest ways to pick colors is to decide on you party supplies first and then pick two or three colors from your supplies.

You can mix and match party supplies as well. Buy some plates that match your theme and then add in solid colored plates, cups, and napkins.

Setting The Party Scene

Take into consideration what the feel of your party is. Fairy Parties are full of mystery. Winter Wonderland is icy and crisp. Then you just emulate that with greenery, flowers, beads, candles, jewelry, shells, candles, props, tulle, anything you can find around the house and at your local party stores. Online shopping is a really easy way to get your Party Supplies . You can also check out the deals at dollar stores, flea markets, and garage sales.

Be careful with Dollar store stuff though. It usually is very poor quality. I bought a party tablecloth there trying to save a little bit of money. It was horrible! So thin you could see right through it. The ugly brown table that I was trying to hide showed right through.

For example, if you're doing a Pirate Party, you can spray paint little coolers brown, lay on the table with jewels spilling out. Rent or borrow palm trees and place around the party area. You don't always have to use "party" stuff. Dig in the garage. You'll find more ideas for decorating each party on the individual party pages.

Balloons Are A Party Decorating Staple

pink blue and yellow balloons

Balloons are a cheap party decorating staple.

And they're so easy to decorate with. Just tie a long curly ribbon in a coordinating color on them. Group in 3 or 5's. And don't forget to stagger them.

For a cheap balloon weight, fill a balloon with about a 1/4 cup of sand and tie. You can cover it with a piece of tulle and ribbon if you wish.

Floating balloons are a great touch. Just fill them with helium, tie on a pretty ribbon and let them float on the ceiling.

If you want the balloons at waist height, tie fishing wire on the balloon and a weight. Set on the floor. It will look like they are floating. It's a really cute look for any "sea" theme. Like the Mermaid Party.

Tie one balloon to the backs of all your party chairs. You can also add a balloon bouquet to the back of the guest of honor.

Balloon arches are a cheap and easy way to add elegance to any party theme. Tie your helium filled balloons onto a piece of string or ribbon. They will float up to create an arch.

Creative Centerpieces For Parties

fairy centerpiece

I used a traditional Tinkerbell centerpiece from our party store and added in all the extras. It turned out just beautiful.

You can certainly purchase a centerpiece from a party store, but why stop there. Kick it up a notch. Start with your theme, and think outside of the box.

If you're doing a Beach theme, then bring the beach to your table. Pour some sand in the middle of the table and place a sand bucket on it's side. Have "beach" stuff spilling out. Pearls, sand toys, flip flops, tropical flowers, shells, ect.

Or start with some tulle or silky fabric. Crumple it in the middle of the table. Then you just layer your elements on top of it. Start with the tallest item in the middle.

Work down from that. You can always build up the middle with a box and then cover that with the fabric. When you're done with the bigger things, scatter smaller items, glitter, jewels, pearls, rings, shells, flower petals, ect.

Flowers are always a good choice for party decorating. Purchase real or fake and put them in unique containers. Teapots, buckets, jars, purses(with a vase inside),ect.

Another way to use flowers is to float them in water. Just cut off the stem and place them in a bowl of water. For more ideas on flowers see our Decorating With Flowers page.

Candles are great. They create such a calming mood. Place them randomly on your table in and about your fabric(make sure they are in little votive holders). Or line them down the center of your table.

Don't think that centerpieces have to be "party supplies". Find things that showcase your party theme idea.

Decorating Chandeliers

decorating a chandelier

Don't forget this all important item to decorate. Just wind ribbon, flower garlands, or pearl garlands down and around(make sure they're not touching any bulbs). Hang items from it with fishing wire or tiny ribbon. If you don't have a chandelier, create one.

Purchase an old chandelier. Strip out all of the wires. Spray paint. Hot glue beaded garland, pearl garland, or flowers. Hang crystals from it. Add candles where the bulbs used to be. So fun for a Tea party, Masquerade, or any dress up party.

Another really cool idea is to make flower balls. Purchase 3 Styrofoam balls about the size of a basketball. Hot glue flowers all around them. Top it off with a pretty ribbon bow. Hang them from the ceiling in staggering lengths.

Decorating Party Tables

It depends on how many tables you have at your party as to how you are going to decorate them. You can have a main table that has a lot of decor on it plus the gifts and party cake and then have smaller tables that everyone sits at. The centerpieces would be smaller on these tables.

Or there's the party that everyone just mills around. Your centerpiece and everything needs to go on one table.

Tablecloths can be the plastic ones or cloth. You can also use sheets. Layer them for a cool effect. Place one on the table and add another one in a contrasting color at an angle.

Add large bows on the corners is it's a girly party, shower, or wedding. Tulle is great for bows or ribbon works good too. Embellish the bows with flowers, greenery, and ornaments.

Decorating Party Chairs

decorating party chairs

A green pillowcase was slipped over the back of the chair. White tulle was tied in a large bow and a clip on pink rose completed the look.

For some added BAM, you can decorate the chairs at your party. Tulle is great for this. You can also use ribbon, material, sheets, or pillowcases. Slip the material, sheet, or pillow case over the back of the chair. Cut a long length of tulle or wide ribbon. Tie in a big bow on the back of the chair. Embellish the bow with flowers, sachets, ornaments, greenery, baby's breath, ect.

Party Pinatas

Pinatas are great for parties because you can hang them up as part of the decor. Then it doubles as one of the games. How great is that! You can find pinatas to match just about any party theme. Just click on one of the pinatas above to see all the pinatas that are available. Just type your party theme in their search to see if your party theme has a pinata to match.

There are traditional pinatas and pull string pinatas.

It just depends on the age group of your party. Sometimes it's easier for the little ones to use the pull string ones.

If you want to make a homemade pinata, check out

Where you'll find that pinatas are fun to make and fun to break. Great pinata party ideas and pinatas you can make yourself. The fun breaks out with parties like these.

Kid Party Decorating Ideas

Of course you can use all the party decorating ideas on this page, but you can be a little more whimsical when it comes to kid birthday party decorating. You can cut out shapes from construction paper and hang from the ceiling.

Make yard signs with thick poster board or card board. Use paint or markers to create signs that match your party theme. Hot glue a garden stake on the back and place in yard. You can also paint card board to make barn doors, characters, animals, toadstools, trees, castles, flowers, rainbows, ect. Whatever matches your kid theme.

Toys are great for decorating. Having a John Deere Party? Use a tractor as your centerpiece. Add green and yellow balloons and you have a great centerpiece. Stuffed animals are great for kid birthdays. Tie balloons onto them or just place them around the party area.

have you ever made a paper chain. It is great fun. Cut strips of construction paper. Start with the first strip and glue or staple in a circle. Then connect the next strip to the first one. Keep going until you have a chain as long as you wish. Use to swag on the ceiling or to swag on the tables.

More Party Decorating Ideas

Streamers are fun. You simply drape them around the room. There are also some really cool wall decorations. Turn your dining room into a palace or a beach in about 2 minutes. Of course I would add to it. Start with the wall mural and layer on palm trees and the such.

Clear Christmas lights are a easy way to add drama. Just add them to trees, fake plants, pillars, stair rails, ect.

Party decorating in a nutshell...

  • Pick coordinating colors
  • Use an odd number of items
  • Stagger your items in height
  • Be creative and think outside the "box"
  • Don't be afraid to use things that are not traditional party supplies

That's about it. I know you're going to do a fabulous job. If you have any questions about party decorating, just drop me a line, and I'll try to help the best I can. Every party page has full instructions on it, so be sure and check them all out.

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