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Magical Prince Birthday Party Ideas

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With these magical party ideas, Prince Birthay Party or Knight Birthday Party will be a huge success. You'll be known as the Dragon Slayer of the neighborhood.

If you have girls attending the party, just have them come dressed as a princess. Check out the Princess Party page for some girly ideas.

For your baby Prince or toddler Prince, see the Little Prince page for a baby friendly party.

Prince Invitations

Take a picture of the guest of honor in all his princely attire. Print it out. Fold a blue piece of cardstock or construction paper to form a card.

Cut another piece of paper sightly bigger than your picture with scrapbook scissors. Glue your picture onto it. Glue the whole thing onto your card.

Embellish with jewels, glitter, ribbon, or anything that suits your fancy.

You can make a scroll type of invite. Just print your info on a piece of parchment colored paper. It can say something like...

Hear ye, Hear Ye...
A royal degree has been sent forth from Prince (your son's name)...
Come one, come all to the castle( your house address) for a dragon slaying ceremony...
Festivities will begin at (time of party)...
Come dressed as your favorite knight or prince. (Or you can supply costumes for them.)
Roll into a roll and tie with a ribbon.

Dragon invitations are a great choice as well.

You can also order all your Knight Party Supplies for this party theme online. It makes it so easy. One click and you're done.


You can supply everyone with costumes, or let them come dressed in their own. To keep it simple, you could just supply a crown and scepter. Or for the knights, you can supply a helmet and sword. For the girls, supply a tiara and wand.

Prince Birthday Party Decorations

Your colors for this party theme are blue, purple, red, and grey (or use colors that match the party supplies that you order). Tie balloons on the mailbox to show where the party is.

Make crown shapes out of thick poster board. Hot glue a stake on the back and stick in the ground. You can line a side walk, or just have them in the front yard.

Make a castle entrance out of a large cardboard box. Get inspiration from coloring books.

Place a personalized banner on top of the castle door.

Use the tablecloths that come with the party pack, or you can use plain red, purple, blue, or gray. Create a royal atmosphere with purple tulle. It's a great buy at just a dollar a yard.

Start in the middle of the room and swag to the corners. Intertwine twinkle lights in the tulle. Place pillars around the room in staggering heights.

Decorate the chandelier with streamers, ribbon, greenery, and jewels.

For your Prince party centerpiece, make castles out of thick poster board. They can just be one dimensional with a stand glued to the back. Or make all four sides of the castle and place on the table.

Make a balloon bouquet and place in the middle of the castle. You can make a balloon weight with a balloon and 1/4 cup of sand. Fill the balloon. Tie off. Cover with a piece of tulle and ribbon.

Set dragons, jewels, prince and knight figurines, and treasure chests with coins and pearls flowing out. Fill in empty places with greenery. Boys like things to look elegant as well as girls. A real prince lives in luxury.

Prince Birthday Party Games

Dragon Slayer

Supply the kids with blow up swords and let them slay the "dragon" (a helper dressed up like a dragon).

Rescue the Princess

If you have little girls attending the party, they can be the princesses. If no girls are at the party, use fake princesses. Lay out an obstacle course. Place a princess for each boy on the other side. The princes and knights must then run the quant to rescue the princess. The first boy to get back with the princess wins.

For some real fun let the princesses rescue the princes and knights.


Castle Pinata
Dragon Pinata

Treasure Hunt

Hide "treasure" all around the house or yard. Tell the kids that the King has lost his treasure and needs help finding it. Give each guest a small treasure chest. Make them out of small styrofoam coolers spray painted brown or gold. See who can find the most treasure.

Food, Drink, and Cake Ideas


A really easy way to make any royal cake is to bake two 8" or 9" inch cakes. Frost them in the desired color of frosting. You can also use fondant.

Place a crown on top of it. Place on a pedestal cake plate. So easy and very effective.

Here's some great cake pan party ideas Prince style. Just frost in boy colors.

Crown Cake Pan

From: Birthday in a Box

Enchanted Castle Cake Pan


Serve all the food on silver platters

  • Dragon Dogs(hot dogs)
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into crown shapes
  • Crown cookies
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Princely pops(half of a banana on a wooden stick, dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed nuts)

Always favorites at kid parties...

  • Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • Hamburgers
  • Chips and Dip
  • Veggie Tray
  • Fruit Kabobs

Try to get healthy versions of all of the above. It is possible.


Serve drinks in silver goblets with jewels hot glued on them.

  • Royal Champagne(fruit juice and sparkling water)
  • Dragon's Breath(any green drink)
  • Prince Punch
  • Knight Nectar(apricot juice)

Prince Birthday Party Favor Ideas

You can make homemade party favors or purchase ready-made. It all depends on how much time you have.

Purchase blue gift bags and embellish the front with prince stickers. Or make small treasure chests.

Fill with prince stickers, toy swords, chocolate coins, dragon figurine, crown, dragon eggs(egg gum), and a thank you note.

Tie red and silver ribbon on the handle.

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Castle Pinata

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