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Pumpkin Party Ideas ~ Morgan's 20th Spooky Pumpkin Birthday Party

Here are some fabulous Pumpkin Party Ideas. My daughter wanted a Spooky Pumpkin Birthday Party and I delivered! From the decorations to the easy pumpkin cake ideas, you're sure to find some inspiration for your next Pumpkin party.

My daughter's nickname is Pumpkin, so when we were trying to decide on a theme for her party this year, we decided to do pumpkins. As my daughter also likes spooky themes, I invented the Spooky Birthday Party theme.

I planned for months and months. It was so much fun coming up with spooky pumpkin party ideas. I love to decorate for any occasion. I wanted to make it extra special, but I didn't want to spend a fortune. I think I did really good on the budget.

I borrowed a lot of the stuff and the other stuff that I bought, Morgan took home as part of her gifts. I hope you enjoy the "Spooky Pumpkin Birthday Party."

pumpkin party ideas

Here I am in the middle of my gorgeous babies, right before the party. The birthday girl is on the left.

pumpkin party ideas 2

Dad with the kids. I am so blessed. I love my family.

pumpkin party haunted mansion

The color scheme for this party theme was red, orange, and black. We decided to have the party in the basement of the church so that it would add to the spooky feeling of the party. It's pretty creepy down there with real spiders and the such.

Against the back all we added a haunted Mansion mural. It's on a bumpy concrete wall here, so I couldn't get it completely smooth, but it was still awesome. It was the star of the show. I added fake trees (with twinkle lights), tree branches that we had spray painted black, fake rose bushes and jack-o-lanterns. On the floor we grouped fall greenery and spider webs.

9' Eerie Estates Super-Sized Scene

........Spooky Pumpkin Party Ideas Galore........

This is a better view of the Eerie Estates Super-Sized Scene. Just click on the picture and you will be able to see all the details.

pumpkin party haunted mansion 2

Here is a close up of the decor on the right side of the mansion mural. The branches in the vase are the ones I spray painted.

pumpkin party haunted mansion 3

And here's the left side. I placed a large tree limb with the leaves still intact into a broken pillar. Of course I spray painted it as well. Tree limbs and rose petals are on the floor in front of the mansion.

........Spooky Pumpkin Party Ideas Galore........

spooky pumpkin party entry

As soon as you walked through the door, you were greeted with spooky decor. Spiderwebs and a giant spider (we named him Fredrick) were immediately on your left. I used plants everywhere. Propped on one of the plants is a picture of red roses. I wanted this pumpkin party to be spooky, but also elegant, so I used a lot of roses. A red rose bush completes this grouping.

spooky pumpkin party entry spider

Meet Fredrick up close. Nothing like a large spider with red eyes to get you in the spooky party mode.

spooky pumpkin party gift basket

To the right of the entrance you were greeted with a basket to place your gifts or cards in. Pumpkins and spiderwebs grace this table to get you in the mood for fun. In the background we had the song, "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" playing. It was so creepy and great.

........Spooky Pumpkin Party Ideas Galore........

spooky pumpkin party table decor

Just one of the 3 tables. I added an "M" for Morgan. To the left is a large pumpkin carriage. I loved this so much. It was perfect. Hanging from the chandelier is a glass pumpkin carriage ornament. I used tons of red and orange roses. There are pumpkins everywhere. Paper pumpkins are scattered amongst the table decor, as is red rose petals and faux diamonds.

spooky pumpkin party table decor 2

More decor on another table. I bought the large birdcage at a garage sale for only $5.00. There is a black raven perched on the inside ring and one laying in the bottom. Morgan really got a kick out of that.

spooky pumpkin party table decor 3

A side view of the same table. A tea candle was placed in the little black spooky houses to light them up.

........Spooky Pumpkin Party Ideas Galore........

spooky pumpkin party table decorations

This is a back view of the first table you saw. Just so much to look at. Pictures just do not tell the tale. The colors were so vibrant and awesome in real life.

spooky pumpkin party table decor 5

Here is the other table. This is a back view. More and more roses, greenery, candles, diamonds, pumpkin candy dishes, ect.

........Spooky Pumpkin Party Ideas Galore........

spooky pumpkin party table decor 6

I used a lot of sticks out of the yard. I placed them on each side of the mansion and also in the vases of flowers. I set a black bird on the branches at this table. I spray painted the branches black, but somehow, this one didn't get very much spray paint. The little chandelier was a deal. I payed $1.00 for it. I stripped all the guts out of it and spray painted it black. I then added the ribbon, the candles, and the bird. By the end of the party, the candles were burnt down and all drippy. Morgan thought it was awesome.

spooky pumpkin party table decor 7

Up close view of one of the table centerpieces. I placed a picture of Morgan on this table.

spooky pumpkin party table decor 8

More pumpkin party ideas...

........Spooky Pumpkin Party Ideas Galore........

spooky pumpkin party

An overview of the three tables and the haunted mansion on the back wall.

spooky pumpkin party chair decor

I made a special chair just for Morgan. On the side is a spiderweb purse with black feathers on it. I got it for free at a garage sale. The jack-o-lantern pillow was only a dollar. It made a scary sound when you pushed one of the leaves.

spooky pumpkin party food table

We had Frito chili pie for our meal. Yummy! The homemade chili was in the black pot. It heats up inside, so it kept the chili warm. Fritos, cheese, and onions completed the spooky feast. I wanted to serve something easy and cost effective. There was also a veggie tray and candy everywhere.

........Spooky Pumpkin Party Ideas Galore........

spooky pumpkin party food table 2

My friend Angie (who is a genius when it comes to decorating anything) found this great picture. It was Morgan's favorite thing in the whole party. I had to call Angie and beg her to sell it to me as she had just loaned it to me. She was so nice, she said that Morgan could just have it. Morgan was so thrilled. Thanks Angie! Morgan just loves Edgar Allen Poe. The picture says...Quoth the Raven EVERMORE! by Edgar Allen Poe. So cool.

Holding the black napkins is a pumpkin pie dish. I also found this at a garage sale.

spooky pumpkin party gifts

The pictures of the actual pumpkin party didn't turn out so well. It was all by candle light and I was having to use a very bright flash which made everything blurry. I did manage to capture this though. Morgan receiving one of her gifts. A bag full of pennies! You would have to know Morgan to get this. She LOVES coins. She was so excited. Thanks Raymond. You're an awesome friend.


We played alot of games that were fun. The first game we played was "How Well Do You Know Morgan?" I had a bunch of questions about Morgan and everyone wrote their answer down. Her brother won that one. I had no idea that she wanted to live in Paris. It was really eye opening.

The next game we played was a spooky story. You have everyone write down 15 different letters. Then they must come up with a spooky story. Say you have the letters A, M, C, G, P, R, T, I, ect. The first word of your story must start with the letter A. The next word must start with the letter M, and so on. We got some really funny stories out of that game.

We played Bingo for awhile. We used candy corn as the markers. Everyone was eating the candy corn faster than they were getting Bingo! We gave out Starburst candy for the prizes.

Another game we played was pass the pumpkin. I used a small plastic pumpkin. The players sat in a circle. The players had to pass the pumpkin to the person on their left WITHOUT using their hands. It was pretty funny. If you dropped the pumpkin, you were out. Everyone was getting really inventive with their passing.

At the end of the night we passed out some Playdoh to see who could make the best spider. That turned into a grown up arts and crafts time. How funny to see a bunch of adults playing with Playdoh.

........Spooky Pumpkin Party Ideas Galore........

spooky pumpkin birthday card

I made Morgan's spooky pumpkin birthday card. It turned out really cute. The pumpkins are on dimensional blocks, so they stand up a bit. I also embellished the envelope with a large black cat and letter stickers that spelled, "Morgan".

spooky pumpkin cake ideas

I was pretty proud of this pumpkin cake. It was not hard at all. You bake two Bundt cakes. Trim them a bit and put them together. Frost with orange icing and top with a fondant stem. I wanted the stem to look a little creepy, so I just mixed a bunch of colors together to get this muddy color. I then just shaped it into a stem and set in on the cake. The basement was a little hot, and the cake had been in the fridge, so it was sweating a bit. But I think it turned out great. The spider is just a plastic spider that I added for some spooky drama.

spooky pumpkin party cake ideas 2

Here's another picture of the spooky pumpkin cake.

spooky pumpkin party cake candles

And what party is complete without the candle blowing? Make a wish Morgan!

spooky pumpkin party decor

The haunted mansion made a great place for photos. My two kids are real hams. I did so good on this Spooky Pumpkin party, that they were scared to death! Ha....not really.

I hope you enjoyed all these pumpkin party ideas. Feel free to use any of the ideas at your next spooky pumpkin party.

Happy 20th Birthday Morgan!

Do you have a great party to share? We'd love to see it!

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