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Brandon's 18th Rock Star Birthday Party

Creating this fabulous Rock Star Birthday Party was so much fun! Weeks went into the planning of this Rockstar birthday party.

Hours of preparation, hours of brainstorming, and hours to actually pull it all together.

Enjoy all these Rockstar party ideas to create your very own Rocking Party.

rockstar birthday party decoration ideas

Here's the party when we were finally finished. I'll lead you through everything that went into the planning and the decorating.

rockstar birthday party invitations

I do love to embellish cards, but I thought I would start out with ready made rockstar invitations, and add my own twist to the envelope. I found these awesome Party Like A Rock Star Invitations rockstar party invitations that worked awesome. I then used a stamp and silver ink to make the swirls on the envelope. Then I placed star and rock stickers over that. I used a stamp that says "Your Invited" and stamped it in the middle.

Party Like A Rock Star Invitations (8)

Ready made rock star invites makes life a little easier. These were perfect for this rock star birthday theme.

rockstar birthday party poster

I hand painted this rockstar poster for this cool Rock Star birthday party. It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it to, but it looked cool in the whole scheme of things. I used silver ink and stamps to create the letters. I free handed the swirls and and then went back over them with glitter glue.

rockstar birthday party table

This is Brandon's special party table. We spray painted Styrofoam heads silver and added wigs. Brandon's hand painted guitar case was in the back. We stacked drum cases for height in front of that. Candles, real roses, purple tulle, guitar ornaments, red guitar, stars, gold coins, rock t-shirt, bandannas, and sun glasses completed the awesome Rockstar birthday party centerpiece.

My friend Angie had a really neat idea for a gift and part as the decor. She spray painted a record with 14 carat gold paint. We all signed it with a marker and she placed it in a frame. Brandon really loved it.

rockstar birthday party centerpiece

Here's an upclose picture of the fabulous Rockstar centerpiece on Brandon's special table.

simple rockstar party centerpieces

This is a picture of the Rock Star birthday party inside the pavilion. These were the permanent picnic tables that were already there. We started with purple tablecloths. Next I got gift bags at the Dollar Tree and we placed 2 balloons on a balloon weight. I set them down in the bag and added black tissue. A silver branch is also coming out of the bag. I spray painted Jumbo Magic Microphones silver and added those below the bag. Then to amp it up, we added a Rockstar energy drink, a backstage pass, black gift basket shred, red foliage, fake diamonds, and a stand with a picture of the papporatzi. To the side there are silver records, candles, guitar bubbles, more diamonds, and a red rose candle.

Although you can't see it in this picture, we hung twinkle lights and jeans from the rafters. Along the front we draped purple material and hung stars with black tulle.

rockstar birthday party arbor decor

As you came up the glitter strewn sidewalk, you were greeted with the papporatzi that was surrounding the Rockstar birthday party arbor. As you walked under the arbor, the fog machine would go off and you were enveloped in a white fog.

upclose rock star birthday party arbor

These pictures surrounded the arbor to look like people were clicking cameras in your face. Old cameras were also added to the arbor to complete the look.

homemade rockstar backstage passes

As you came through the arch, you received a backstage rockstar pass. My husband helped make these. I created them and he printed them and cut them for me. Thank you honey! I then put them in plastic sleeves that I found at Wal-Mart. I added a ribbon to them and we hung them on the arbor to hand out to everyone. This one has a silver ribbon, but I also used red, black, and purple. They were so cute. I used my stamps and silver ink to add the swirl.

rock star birthday party arbor decor

Here's the best family in the world! I am so blessed. This is my husband Larry, my daughter Morgan, and the rock star birthday boy himself, Brandon. Aren't they just so cool?

creative rock star party costumes

Jordan and Morgan posing for the camera. Rock on!

rockstar birthday party food sub sandwich

Brandon really wanted to buy a 6 foot sub for his rock star birthday party, so we did. It actually was 6 and 1/2 feet long! How crazy is that. It was one of the highlights of the party. It was so huge.

rock star birthday party decorations

This is a view of the party as you walked up the sidewalk. I don't think I will ever have a party in the park again. It took a moving truck to haul all the stuff there. I was worn out!

rockstar birthday party food table

For this rockstar birthday party food, we decided to have chocolate fondue. To dip in the chocolate was fresh strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows, grapes, and maraschino cherries. I also bought bagged chips to go with the sub. For rock star birthday party favors I bought pop rocks and guitar bubbles. I placed the pop rocks on the food table and scattered the bubbles here and there. We placed all the food on real silver platters. On each side of the food table was candelabras that I had embellished with tulle, silver sprigs, flowers, and a large purple star. I spray painted the candles silver. The table cloth was a large piece of black fabric with large red roses. The electric guitar cupcakes were placed on round drum cases.

I used the awesome Party Like A Rock Star Party Supplies . I absolutely loved them. That's were I got the color scheme. From the party plates. Totally cool.

Party Like A Rock Star Deluxe Pack rock star party

These supplies are a great start to any Rock Star Birthday Party!

rockstar birthday party theme

I couldn't have done this party without these awesome friends of mine. Thank you Mindi and Angie. You guys are so great.

If you live in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area, you must hire them to do your party, baby shower, or wedding. They are fabulous! I always enjoy working with them.

rockstar birthday party decor

Eating was the first thing we did. After that we all got rockstar tattoos (even my Mom got one), played music trivia, played musical chairs to rock music, and pass the package. I didn't get any pictures of the games because my batteries died in my camera. Oh my, it was a hoot. Brandon was vicious. We laughed and laughed. Don't be afraid to play kid birthday games at adult parties.

It was so much fun and really worth all the effort that went into it. I don't know if I can top this one, but I sure will try. I really do love parties! And this Rock Star birthday party was the greatest ever.

Happy Rock Star Birthday Brandon!

Do you have a great party to share? We'd love to see it!

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