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Rockstar Party Ideas


Does your child walk around singing into a hairbrush? Then Rockstar Party will be right down his/her alley. These Rock Star Party supplies will get you off to a great start. This party is designed for boys and girls. If you would like a more girly version, go to my Diva Party page.

This theme is also great for an American Idol Party.


Glue a star on the front of a plain card. Glue a smaller one in the middle of that. Stamp Rockstar on the star.

Print inside...

Come rock out with (your child's name). The stage will be set at(time of party). Concert location(your address). Be ready to PARTY!

Party Costumes

Every child has his own idea of what Rockstar Party attire would be. Consult him.

I'm thinking black pants, ripped up t-shirts, chains, and tattoos.

As kids come in, lead them to the transformation area. Have a mirror set up with makeup for the girls, spray hair die, tattoos, ripped up t-shirts, chains, and sunglasses.

Entrance Decor

Tie balloons on the mailbox. Tape stars on the sidewalk with the guest's names on them.

Set a lifesize rockstar at the door. Hang a blow up guitar and a star on the door.

Have music playing as they arrive.


12 Inflatable Rock Star Diva Guitars (22")
- $ 9.95
12 Inflatable Guitars. Make rock stars out of all the guests at your rock-n-roll party! Give each of them one of these 22" inflatable vinyl guitars. Also great as party decorations. They come in assorted colors. *Guitars measure 22" tall *Inflatable *Assorted colors *12 per order.

Your colors for a Rockstar Party are pretty open. I would use black as your base color and then pick 2 or 3 other colors your child likes.

Black, red, and purple is a great combo.

Here's a fabulous Rock Star Birthday Party that will really get your creative juices flowing. It was for a 18th birthday, but you can use any of the ideas for a younger child's party.

Group balloons in 3's. Tie on back of chairs. Place randomly around room. You can make a balloon weight out of a balloon and sand. Fill the balloon with about 1/4 cup of sand and tie in a knot. For a great rockstar centerpiece idea, place a bouquet of balloons in a rockstar gift bag and fill the top with matching tissue.

Hang curly ribbon and stars from the chandelier and ceiling.

Use a purple tablecloth (or one that matches your color scheme). Set a small amp in the middle. Lean a blow up guitar on it. Have play micro phones and sunglasses laying around that. Scatter star confetti.

Purchase star plates and cups or use plain black, turquoise, or green. You can also use a cool pattern if it has all your colors.

Set up a stage area with an amp, a microphone, and a shiny curtain behind it. This will be a big hit. The kids will want to show off their rockstar talents.


Idol Mania

Have a singing or dance competition. Give prizes to everyone.

Pass the Guitar

Set kids in a circle. Have kids pass a guitar around the circle as you play rock music. Stop the music. The kid holding the guitar is out. He gets to pick a prize out of the guitar case. The game continues until only one player is left.

Rock Out Time

Have instruments for all the kids. Let them jam. You can get little instruments at the Dollar Store.

12 Make Your Own Cardboard Guitars

Color our cardboard rock star, Rock Star guitars with your own permanent marker or paint to give these music makers fun and colorful far-out designs! Perfect for art and music class, choir performances, diva and rock star themed parties. Get ready to rock out.

Food and Drinks


Make a guitar cake. Cut out the shape of a guitar. Frost. Use licorice for the strings.

You could also frost a 2 layer cake and place toy guitars and microphones on it.


  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into star shapes
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Star cookies
  • Fruit kabobs

Always popular...

  • Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • Hotdogs
  • Nachos
  • Chips and dip


  • Virgil's Rootbeer if you can find it. It's really great and it's relatively healthy. You can purchase it in bottles or a keg, which the kids love.
  • "Champagne" (white grape juice with sparkling mineral water)


Flashing Guitar Necklace Assortment (12 pcs)
- $ 10.95
This flashing necklace boasts an electric guitar that flashes red, blue, and yellow with a push of a button. Assorted colors. Three AG10 batteries included. Great as a party favor for a diva or rock star themed party. *12 per order *Assorted colors *3.75" *Flashing blinking necklace *Batteries Included.

Purchase black gift bags. Personalize them with a star and the child's name. Tie turquoise and green ribbons on the handle. Fill with guitar necklace, stickers, tattoos, sunglasses, toy instruments, an echo microphone, a cool cd, and a thank you note.

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