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Throw A Relaxing Spa Party With All Of These Spa Birthday Party Ideas

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The Spa Party Theme is great for a Birthday. You can also do it anytime you want to unwind with your girlfriends.

Here are a few Spa birthday party ideas for you to get started with.

I've put this Spa Birthday Party in my teen section, but feel free to use these spa party ideas for any age, young or old. The Spa Birthday Theme has become really popular in the last year or so. I think it's time we all learned to slow down and relax.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas For Invitation

You can purchase pretty Spa premade invitations or make your own with scrapbook supplies, stickers, glitter, ect.

You could also send out tiny manicure sets with a pretty little tag. Your Spa birthday invitations wording could say...

"Allison (replace with your teen's name) is in need of some R and R time.
Please join her at Chandler's Luxury Spa (replace with your last name) at (time and date of party) to celebrate her birthday in style.
Come ready to relax and be pampered."

Of course you want all the girls to be in their robes. Have them bring one or supply one for them. If you supply them one, purchase white or pink terrycloth. Have white towels for them to put around their hair.

Supply pretty little flip-flops. White, pink, or turquoise.

You could also do big white t-shirts and cute white boxers for them to wear under their robes. If you have the time and funds, sew cotton lace on the edge of the boxers to make them feminine. I am such a girly girl!

Or you could make this a craft and let the girls decorate their own t-shirt with fabric paint.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations and Centerpieces

I wouldn't do a whole lot outside. Spas are serene and classy. Maybe an elegant sign beside the front door with the name of your spa. It could be your last name, or just something random.

You could tie pink, white, and turquoise balloons onto the mailbox for this teen spa birthday party.

Inside the front door, Set up a white screen for the girls to change behind. Have soft music playing. Have towel stacked in baskets. Candles burning. Set the mood the minute they walk in.

Have plenty of helpers for this Spa Party. You want your girls to feel pampered from the minute they step in. If you are doing this theme for a kids spa birthday party, you can have a table set up with girly coloring pages. This keeps all of the girls busy until everyone arrives.

You can also get them started on a craft as well.

Pink is a great color for this party, but you can do this party in any color scheme that you choose.

Set up a table on the side with the snacks and cake, but it doesn't have to be the focus.

You'll want a white table cloth. Set the snacks and cupcakes on tiered plates. Hot pink candles and greenery can be intertwined amongst the food. Make it look very elegant, but simple.

Set up white reclining lawn chairs. You can borrow chairs from friends and put white sheets over them to keep costs down. Beside every chair place a table.

On each table, you will want to have all the supplies that girl will need. Stack hand towels, manicure tools, nail polish, a bowl of freshly sliced cucumbers, and of course candles.

You can rent or borrow white pillars like they use in weddings. Place them around the room with candles on them.

I'm a huge fan of fake trees. You can fill up alot of space and it looks awesome. Place them around the room with twinkle lights in them.

You'll also want fresh flowers. I love roses. Hot pink ones would be gorgeous, but feel free to use whatever flowers you enjoy. Orchids would be fabulous as well. Just make sure they smell good, and they fit the color scheme of the Spa Party theme.

Set up a fountain or two.

You can set up a mirror with curling irons and blowdryers if you want to do the girls hair.

Place magazines here and there for the girls to read.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas For Games and Activities

A Spa Party is all about relaxing, so jumping around games is going to defeat the whole relaxing and pampering purpose.

Here are a few Spa Birthday ideas for what to do at this relaxing party theme...

  • Give the girls manicures.
  • Let them relax with the cucumbers on their eyes. As they're resting, have each girl tell something about herself that nobody else knows.
  • Wash girls hair and style it.
  • Give facials.

Spa Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Cupcakes would be great for this Spa theme, because the girls can easily pick them up. Make pink cupcakes and add Teen Spa Birthday cupcake picks.

You can make them with construction paper and tooth picks. Draw out your shapes (lipstick, nail polish, hair brush, mirror, ect) and hot glue onto a tooth pick. Place the tooth pick in the cupcake.

If you want to do a cake, you can add a plastic manicure kit onto a plain cake. Or bake a sheet cake and carve out a lipstick tube, nail polish bottle, ect.

Wire Cupcake Holder Stand

Spa Birthday Party Ideas For Food And Drinks

  • Tortilla roll ups(8 oz. cream cheese, 8 oz. sour cream, sliced ham, flour tortillas)Mix first 3 ingredients. Spread on tortillas and roll. Cut in 1/2 in pieces.
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Organic chips and dip
  • Cut up veggies with Ranch dip
  • Pink lemonade(make fresh lemonade and put in blender with a few strawberries) Place a strawberry on the rim of glass.
  • Champagne(white grape juice with sparkling water)

Spa Birthday Party Ideas For Favors

Fill a small cosmetic bag with...

  • Nail polish
  • Lip gloss
  • Compact mirror
  • Pretty comb
  • Bubble bath
  • A relaxing cd
  • Thank you note
  • Cool Spa Favors

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