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Zombie Party ~ Michael Jackson Thriller Style

Submitted by: Marina Jackson

My daughter and I were deeply saddened when the late MJ died. So we thought a Zombie party, Michael Jackson style theme would be perfect for my daughters 13th birthday bash. My daughter Sara's favorite MJ song is thriller so I got inspired by the costumes in the music video.

I searched for a red jacket for my daughter and tight fitting jeans. The other guests dressed as zombies. This was all a surprise to Sara and she loved it! The cake was toffee, her favourite flavor and the bakery put a photo of MJ and Sara on the cake and had all her favorite party food. The music was- big surprise- Michael Jackson from his early career in The Jackson 5 up to his latest hits.

Sara described the day as "Awesome and all my friends thought it was the best party of the year!" I think this is a fitting tribute to MJ and showed him as the star he is!


What a great idea! A Thriller party is a great idea when doing a Michael Jackson theme. It sounds really awesome.

Thanks so much for sharing with us.


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